What they won't teach you in a typical yoga class


YogaJaya was founded in 2003 in Tokyo before yoga was widely popular.

We have pushed the boundaries of the health, wellness, and fitness sectors while showing our utmost respect for the Indian culture that gave us this amazing gift.

Here, we invite anyone open to learning and relearning to form their own conclusion about yoga through our immersive yoga education platform.

Or check out some of our content on:

Or check out some of our content on:


YogaJaya was founded in 2003 in Omotesando, Tokyo. We have had a collective attendance of over 500,000 students, across 30,000 + classes to date. Our Signature method, Baseworks, offers a consistent, measurable and scalable practice experience for anyone wanting to learn how to move better.

From May, 2020, YogaJaya suspended its public class studio activities to focus on the development of a new wave of hybrid international programming.



BASEWORKS PRACTICE is designed to develop strength & flexibility, joint mobility, motor control, body awareness, concentration, and relaxation..


Transform your body, perception, and movement skills with our extensive online yoga education subscription platform. 


Our Teacher Training courses are rooted both in great traditions of knowledge as well as contemporary and forward-thinking visions of the future.

yogajaya teacher training

“The future depends on what we do in the present”

Mahatma Gandhi

Transformation comes from the way we approach learning. Sharing this process is integral to growth, and our service to others.