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As one of the first studios in Japan to offer Yoga Alliance accredited courses, we have been recognized for the high standard of our teacher trainings, and have been throughly supporting students from very experienced to no experience at all.

The training is designed to support everyone, regardless of strength/flexibility or ability to do the poses, fully supported by the over 40 class per week studio schedule. So do not worry if you have absolutely no experience or feel that you lack in athletic ability.

The concept is designed around building progressive steps toward a practice that fits you, then through that invaluable process, you will be able to guide others.

Classes are taught consistently and in line with the teacher training methodology by certified experts in the field giving you an extensive practice platform that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.



  • In the comfort of your home however you’d like on your computer.
  • Anytime and anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.
  • At YogaJaya, together with peers under the guidance of our certified teachers.
  • At home, on the road, or whenever it suits your schedule, utilizing a wide range of detailed online multi-camera-angle class videos.
  • Online learning platform gives you access to manuals, video content and other great resources that you can review/replay as much as you need to.
  • Unlimited opportunities to redo quizzes and assignments to reinforce your understanding.
    Online, face-to-face sessions to support your progress.
  • Studio face-to-face modules that offer direct interaction with teacher trainers and other trainees.

We have structured the training in a way that you are able to learn at your own pace, maximizing on an amazing synergy between the online study platform (that allows you to review your content as many time as you need to), with face-to-face interaction with our super experienced faculty to consolidate your understanding real-time.

This allows you to manage your time effectively in the way that suits your lifestyle needs the most, at the same time give you real physical in-person feedback.

This is  a very important part of the learning process that often is forgotten in courses that are online.


Everybody has different needs and goals. So what we’ve designed is totally customizable. 

You can not only select the duration of your training and schedule as you’d like, but you can choose your course based on your area of interest and where you want to be when you complete your training.

From a simple desire to expand your personal experience and knowledge base, to fully embarking on a career in the yoga/fitness/wellness industry, everything is possible and at a timing you choose.

  • You can schedule it as you like, be it 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months completion blocks.
  • The online learning platform offers lifetime access to your course content, so you can always come back to review your materials long after graduation.
  • Continuing education modules are constantly offered for interested graduates who wish to sustain and brush up what they learned.
  • Once certified you can always come back and study again to upgrade your certification status to the next level, whenever it fits into your life in the future.

You can choose to become registered under the Yoga Alliance as a RYT200 which will open doors to possibilities as a freestyle yoga teacher.

Included in all of our course options, the YogaJaya Accreditation qualifies  all graduates to receive continued education support  and access to information on how to build a career as a teacher even after graduation.

You can choose to become certified as a Baseworks Practice BT1 teacher which will offer internship and employment opportunities globally.


Certified professionals at the height of their careers in the health wellness industry with diverse range of occupational backgrounds, committed to their practice, teaching, and students.


By teacher/module consolidated content presented in an easy-to-understand, structured format, with beautifully designed texts and video lectures/lessons, in bite-size-chunks making it easier to assimilate one step at a time.

Wide range of students, both male and female, from late teens to people in their 60s, with full-time occupations to householders and students, from Japan and all around the world, with diverse experiences and interests.

We have set up the format in which anyone can learn from experienced professionals in an international environment.

We feel this provides a unique value for your time and investment.

Because of the studio history, the YogaJaya network will provide exposure to the industry across Japan and globally.


The three best ways to achieve great results in practice are:

  1. Start practicing at 6 years old, which may be too late for some of us.


  2. Old School: find a great teacher who will work with you on a daily basis (get ready to both commit and sacrifice other stuff you love to do).

    This is possible but potentially challenging. Not only will you need to find a teacher who is wiling to work with you, but unless you can afford to have them come to a place that is convenient for you…it will likely entail that you will need to go to them, at a time and place they are teaching.

    Although this is can actually be a REALLY valuable experience…if you want to both learn and stay connected to other experiences in life without drastically altering your lifestyle, it can be really tough to make this scenario work for a long enough duration to get something meaningful out of it.


  3. Regularly practice a consistent system.


    At YogaJaya we offer 40 classes a week in a consistent method which makes it possible to manage a regular practice into almost any schedule scenario.

    Not to mention, our entire practice syllabus is also available online 24/7 to compliment the teacher to student “live” experience, especially when there are obstacles in getting to a physical class.

    Our certified teacher body, our teacher training curriculum, and our online content are all aligned… so that regardless of which class you go to, or which learning platform you utilize, you will be able to build upon and improve your practice, no matter what.

You’d be surprised but many of our applicants are exactly like you.

Not everybody has to be a yoga teacher, though there is something extremely valuable in having an experience of teaching a physical practice to others for the learning process:

  1. Teaching others is a great way to articulate, confirm and improve your own understanding. 

  2. By teaching others, you begin to really understand your body from a different perspective. It gives you the ability to observe and learn form the insights you cannot get so easily on when practicing on your own.

Regardless of whether or not you want to become a yoga teacher at the end of the training, the process of not only practicing but also applying what you have learned through teaching by sharing with other peer students, is what consolidates your understanding and makes the entire experience more meaningful.

Of course, face-to-face learning with the same teacher is an excellent way to learn. However as mentioned above in the section on finding one teacher to learn from, economically and energetically it’s impossible in most cases (unless you hire a teacher to be there for you every day).

From our experience running teacher training courses for over 10 years, we see students face the constant struggle between not having enough time and having too many options.

People learn in different ways on a different timeline. In order to assess everybody’s understanding in detail, the training duration would need to be extended from the current 200 hour format to at least 1000+ hours.

Utilizing an online platform allows each student to create a solid foundation in terminology at a pace that works for each individual, familiarizing with the concepts prior to the facetoface modules, making the in-person learning exponentially more productive. You know how something is easy when you already know it, right?

With this being said, most of the physical practice on our training will be conducted through direct interaction and guidance from certified teachers together with other students.

This course is designed to reap the best results in both conceptual learning (to digest everything), and in learning with your body via consistent practice to internalize the movement skills.

Yes! Although it is a lot more prevalent in some countries, it is rapidly growing in Japan as well.

In a study done with a Stanford University mathematics course in 2010, the university invited 20 of the most talented math students to the course, while at the same time release the course content to a community of math enthusiasts from around the world that were not university students.

The course content was identical. At the end of the course the highest % of students that completed the course with honors were not the top 20 from Stanford, but over 1000 students from every part of the world.

The difference was that the students who did the corse online, had the opportunity to review the material and lectures, over and over. Since then many other studies prove that if anyone is provided with a digital environment top learn that is not limited to a fixed time and place, that the efficacy for learning can be much more effective.

This is one of the reasons why the online learning platform is hugely expanding globally, with different educational institutions, not only in the academic world but also in business, lifetime education as well as health and wellness is rapidly expanding.

The YogaJaya Level 1 course not only incorporates the efficacy of online learning, but at the same time is unique in combining this with direct interaction with certified teachers at the YogaJaya studio, allowing the best of both learning platforms to have a synergistic outcome.


with studio founder:

Patrick Oancia

This presentation contains info about the studio history, evolution of the course structure, current course flow, schedule, pricing options and more. 



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