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Dave Dobson

Ayurveda Consultant | Diet & Nutrition Specialist | Director: Hikari Unlimited
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Born and raised in New Zealand, David has been living in Asia since 1990 and studying and practicing Ayurveda since 1997. His attraction to Ayurveda has been it’s ability to go to the core in helping us understand simply how life works, encouraging each of us to live a life of personal balance and collective harmony. Over the years David has been fortunate to study with and be inspired by a number excellent teachers, including Dr Vasant Lad (a leading advocate of Ayurveda in the West), Dr Gupta (a fourth generation Ayurvedic doctor from Vrindaban, India) and Mike MacDonald (a student of Kirpal Singh and communications consultant whose teachings have a very metaphysical focus – looking deeply into the mind-body connection and in particular the importance of principle based relationships as the key to sustainable well-being). Dave is the co-founder clothing label, Hikari, and is on is on the board of governors of the Montessori school in Bali.