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Geshe Michael Roach

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Geshe Michael Roach is an Honors graduate of Princeton University and received the Presidential Scholar medal at the White House. He is the first American to pass the rigorous test for the title of Geshe, or Master of Buddhism, at Sera Mey Tibetan Monastery, after 20 years of study in the yoga and philosophy of India and Tibet.

As a young monk, Geshe Michael’s Teacher instructed him to take a job in the diamond industry. Rising from messenger boy to Senior Vice President of Andin International, one of the world’s largest diamond and jewellery firms, he worked with the company’s founders to build annual revenues exceeding $100 million. He was a Buddhist sage on the inside and a normal American businessman on the outside.

Geshe Michael Roach & Christie McNally

Geshe Michael Roach and Christie McNally have written five books ― The Garden, The Diamond Cutter: the Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, The Tibetan Book of Yoga, Essential Yoga Sutra, and How Yoga Works: Healing Yourself and Others through Yoga― with a sixth book soon to be released. They have translated dozens of ancient Sanskrit and Tibetan texts on Buddhism and Yoga Philosophy, usually working directly from antique folios newly discovered in libraries hidden in the heart of Asia.

They have completed a traditional Tibetan Buddhist three-year deep meditation retreat and are planning a second three-year retreat beginning in 2010.

They have also done numerous one and two-month formal, silent retreats. In 2003, they founded Diamond Mountain Retreat Center and University, where they serve as professors and spiritual directors. Located on 1000 acres in southern Arizona, it is modeled on an ancient Buddhist educational system. All classes are free of charge, and every day students have meditation, quizzes and traditional Tibetan debate in the style of Socrates.

Geshe Michael and Christie currently spend most of their time teaching worldwide. Last year alone, they taught in Taipei, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Bahamas, Canada, New York, Austin, Houston and Tucson, attracting thousands of people. For fifteen weeks a year, they live and teach at Diamond Mountain in Arizona