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Nik Silwerski

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After playing bass in a psychedelic punk band, touring and releasing albums on New York’s Shimmy Disc label in the late 80’s, Nik was sucked into the original UK Balearic/acid house explosion before moving to Japan in ’92 and a new life in Tokyo’s embryonic underground music culture. Djing regularly at clubs and events all over Japan and overseas since ’94 aka Muthafunka, Nik has produced and released his own tracks and mixes since ’97 on Play Label, Comma, Grain Records and Dirty Works. A funky eclectic sound obsessive since an early age, Nik’s genre-defying DJ sets can go almost anywhere depending on the setting, spanning decades of dub, house, techno, dubstep, electro, rock and chill-out. Spinning tunes together with an ear for detail, harmony and flow, Nik DJs exclusively with Traktor software and Faderfox controllers, using live effects and looping to add a fresh dimension to mixes.