YogaJaya Newsletter: April 2011 Special Announcement


the tragedy of the recent earthquake and tsunami is yet another challenge in the lives of the people in japan. yogajaya is committed to doing everything we can to help.

specifically, yogajaya is helping people who need relief after the earthquake. in addition to donating funds from our regular operating profits, we will be holding two donation classes every week – classes from which we will be giving 100% of all revenues to support needy earthquake victims. please refer to our schedules page for details on how you can support.

“yoga” equals “union”. together we know we will succeed and rebuild in a unified effort.

Patrick Oancia


yogajaya is resuming classes on a limited schedule starting friday, march 25. all multi-pass tickets and memberships have been extended to make up for the time the studio was closed due to the earthquake. as some of our teachers are still unavailable to teach, please check our online schedule before coming to the studio.