YogaJaya Newsletter: March 2008 Special News

JayaJaya presents Xpression

travel Xpression – spectator magazine
toshimitsu aono, masaaki mita, great the kabukicho

photo Xpression – para impacto
patrick oancia

eco Xpression – xChange
koko niwa, narumi sakuma, greenTV

body Xpression – tripsichore
edward clark

self Xpression – cyclelink/nebulavo
kosuke ono, acharu, nevulavo

food Xpression – kongtong/eatrip
daichi tajima, yuri nomura

sound Xpression – connected/technicolor sound/tripster inc/para impacto
mune, maxxrelax, patrick oancia

sunday march 2nd
ikejiri institute of design
2F studio-school


14:00 my hashi & remake workshop
15:00 ethical fashion talk
16:30 spectator talk on travel expression
18:00 alternative lifestyle talk show
19:00 tripsichore performance

Please do not forget to bring at least one article of clothing to swap at xPression! Please bring as many items as you wish, but please remember, they should be clean (recently washed) and pretty nice looking so that other people might want them. The main purpose of the swapping is NOT to get rid of your old tired clothes, but to become creative, reduce consumption, become more conscious about fashion, find a lovely home to your precious garment, and have fun at the same time! Also don’t forget to secretly bring an extra bag, so that you can bring home as many new items as you wish!

Also please bring your own cups, plates, spoon, chopsticks. A little bit of action is a beginning of a bigger movement.

see more information: ENGLISH / JAPANESE


Edward Clark Nagoya Performance
@MySoul8 Nagoya

Tuesday March 4th 18:3019:00

check mySoul8 website for details