Sophie Costes: Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop

May 30, 2009 - June 6, 2009
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These 3 workshops on Ayurveda, the Indian medical system, focus on how the vital forces relate to your personal health. Presenting key principles and applying them in practical exercises, you will learn how to balance your constitution or “dosha”. You will also explore environmental factors that influence your balance (diet and activities).

Accessible to all in simple language, these workshops can be attended as a block of 3 modules or separately.

Module 1: The Basic Ayurvedic Principles

May 30th 08:00-10:30

The universe and men are made up of the 5 elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth). From micro to macro, we define the essentials of different forms of energy that rule life according to the Ayurvedic system. We will focus on how to understand the concept of balance from the individual’s standpoint through self-diagnostic analysis.

Module 2: The Balance in Vata Dosha

May 31st 08:00-10:30

Of the 3 doshas, humor or vata is the first energy in the body to get out of balance, mainly due to our modern style-life and diet. We will examine how to identify the signs of imbalance and will emphasize the different energies of food, as they apply to each individual, to reduce the effect of stress and restore harmony in the body.

Module 3: Ayurveda and Yoga

June 6th 08:00-10:30

Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences. They often overlap with recommendations and lifestyles: they both recognize the fundamental importance of prana (subtle vital energy) on both the mind and the body. We will look in practical terms at common asanas used in Ayurveda to maintain body health according as well as the effects of daily routine kryas to enhance the flow of energy in all body channels.

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