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YogaJaya — Legendary Bespoke Movement Studio

YogaJaya was founded by Patrick Oancia in 2003 with a vision of offering diverse interdisciplinary study in yoga, movement and contemplative practices for optimal health and mental clarity. Since then it has been recognised time again as one of the best studios in the world.

In addition to regular classes with an estimated attendance of 500,000 since 2003, YogaJaya has hosted over 500 specialized workshops/seminars to date on diverse topics with specialists from all around the world. In the yoga community alone we have been recognized for the quality and diversity of all of our programing.

In 2010 YogaJaya launched BASEWORKS Practice as the studio signature practice syllabus. Developed by studio founder, Patrick Oancia, BASEWORKS Practice is an accumulation of his experience as a teacher, competitive athlete, advanced yoga practitioner, artist and avid learner. It is designed to be safe, consistent, scalable, measurable and complimentary to anyone from any background.

Introducing an extensive online practice repository

Baseworks Online Practice

At YogaJaya, Baseworks has been practiced by thousands of people over thousands of hours, spanning across 15 years of development. This online practice platform encompasses an in-depth digitized approach to continue with your already established practice or to get started with the method.

yogajaya teacher training: ongoing courses

“The future depends on what we do in the present”

Mahatma Gandhi

Transformation comes from the way we approach learning. Sharing this process is integral to growth, and our service to others.