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Intuitive Understanding of Your Mind and Body


Transform your body, perception, and movement skills, learn anatomy, study philosophy and the quirky history of yoga, with our detailed, step-by-step interactive online yoga education subscription platform.

And if you want more, add a one-on-one personalized tutorship option with our experienced trainers. 

This platform is for anyone wanting to take their understanding of yoga to the next level.


YogaJaya was founded in 2003. We have had a collective attendance of over 500,000 students across 40,000 teaching hours to date.

We have hosted hundreds of specialized events and workshops, and we’ve been featured in over 100 press/media publications worldwide.

We have been developing online/virtual courses since 2017, and we have been acknowledged globally for the design of our programming.

What YogaJaya students have been saying:


YogaJaya was founded in 2003 in Tokyo before yoga was widely popular.

We have been a leader in the industry while staying true to the practice and philosophy of yoga.

We have pushed the boundaries of the health, wellness, and fitness sectors while showing our utmost respect for the Indian culture that gave us this amazing gift.

Here, we invite anyone open to learning and relearning to form their own conclusion about yoga through our immersive yoga education platform.

Baseworks Teaching Methodology


This is no ordinary yoga experience.

Our original teaching methodology, developed over two decades and practiced by thousands of students, is supported by cutting-edge neuroscience.

Our goal is to help you upgrade your body awareness and understanding of movement, so that you can apply what you learn to any type of physical yoga you want to practice.

To hear first-hand what our students have to say about the method, please watch the video.


Our proprietary Blocks Learning Architecture is a layered approach to accommodate diverse needs. It consists of a digital version of our 20-year-evolved curriculum, available on a subscription basis.
This allows students to choose how deeply they want to learn. Across all topics you will have access to hundreds of videos and quizzes updated and added to regularly.  
image of all the different course study blocks for the yogajaya education platform.

Study Topics


Here is an overview of what we offer.  You get access to hundreds of videos and quizzes updated and added to regularly.  


Uncover deep details that could never be explored in a public class with the study of 100 poses and multiple practice sequences, focusing on moderation and personal condition for a safe and sustainable practice.


Covers the fundamental scientific knowledge that is necessary to understand and gain better conscious control of the body.


Introduces a broad perspective on yoga philosophy from different sources, and how our understating of yoga is changing the more it is researched.


(coming soon). Looks at how to modify diet depending on metabolism, circumstance, environment and lifestyle.


Learn techniques to effectively convey ideas and opinions, focusing on clear communication, composure, and body language.


Explores ethics in the industry, seeking a non-contradictory and sustainable ground to align with as a yogi consumer.


Our teaching faculty have decades of experience as educators and in developing content. Meet the lead teachers!



Founder of YogaJaya and the Baseworks Method, Pat’s interest in the mind-body-connection led him to pursue…



Director of YogaJaya since 2007. Satoko enjoys life as a constant explorer and a challenger of limits…


YogaJaya/BASEWORKS Research Associate | BASEWORKS Certified Teacher (BT2) | YJAT700 | ERYT200/RYT500

Asia holds a Masters of Science in Human Genetics and a PhD in Biotechnology…


Our entire online curriculum developed over 20 years is available on a subscription basis as a part of the BASE subscription. Some Lecture modules are also available separately

We offer flexible pricing, ranging from $35 / month on a monthly plan to $21 / month on an annual plan. Quarterly and Biannual plans are also available.

We accept credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and select cryptocurrencies via Coinbase.

You can learn more details about the pricing in the FAQ below.

$ 21
per month
  • on an Annual plan
  • + Based on 20 years of teaching experience.
  • + Hundreds of video lessons with tons of quizzes to support your leaning
  • + Online practice classes
  • + Track your progress with an interactive gamified journey
  • + Access to a global community of peers/study partners and instructors
  • + Possibility to unlock deep personalized learning and support
  • + Optional one-on-one Tutorship

You can learn more details about the pricing in the FAQ below.


All Base Subscription Plans include access to Online Practice + Lecture Modules: Posture/Movement Dynamics, Biomechanics, Presentation Methodology, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy And Physiology, Career Building, Yoga Philosophy, and Modern Yoga.


per month
billed monthly


per month
billed at $89
every 3 months


per month
billed at $147
every 6 months


per month
billed at $252
every 12 months

Single Module Plans

"Yoga Philosophy"


per month
billed monthly

"Pose Dynamics"


per month
billed monthly


If you had ever physically been to the YogaJaya studio in Tokyo, you would have experienced a super positive sense of cohesion among our students and teachers. 

This online platform is an exciting development to transcend the boundaries of geographical location and expand our community to reach even more like-minded people all over the world, both virtually and in-person. 

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Answers to common questions.

Our globally recognized signature practice system is supported by a professional team of certified teachers.

The method is designed to produce a safe, fast, scalable, and sustainable practice quality that compliments any yoga practice. It is also practiced by athletes, martial artists, dancers, and performance artists as a body conditioning tool. Learn more about the method.

The online modules and material included in the courses are comprehensive and consolidated, allowing students to conveniently participate at a time and place of their choosing remotely, and have always access the online content, upgraded regularly via an affordable monthly subscription.

Our students are from all facets of life, from all over the world.

Learners range from those who have no yoga/fitness/exercise experience to already established professionals in the yoga/fitness/wellness industry, students, full-time working householders, ranging from late teens to those in their senior years.

We use the Baseworks Method as the platform signature framework. It focuses on how to practice in a safe, scaleable and sustainable way.

Check what our students say:

Great question! The content on this platform was in part originally developed for our teacher trainings. But as many who have taken our teacher trainings would know, our courses went much deeper than simply focusing on becoming a teacher.

In fact, we feel that any kind of knowledge is crucial for growth. So why should learning deeply about contemporary and classical yoga be exclusive only for those wanting to teach?

To answer to this, we built this platform for anyone wanting to learn more about yoga and are making this platform a resource for everyone.

YES! We have supported students from different backgrounds ranging from very experienced to no experience at all.

The platfrom is designed to support everyone, regardless of strength/flexibility or ability to do the poses.

If you have absolutely no experience or feel that you lack in athletic ability, don’t worry.

You will soon be able to see the changes in your body by following the safe and attainable steps our practice syllabus offers.

The practice syllabus is taught consistently and 100% in line with all the other topics. So it makes the learning curve that much more productive!

There are 3 best proven ways to achieve great results in practice:

  1. Start practicing at 6 years old, which may be too late for some of us.
  2. Old School: find a great teacher who will work with you on a daily basis.

Although totally possible, this can be potentially challenging.

Not only will you need to find a teacher who is willing to work with you, but unless you can afford to have them come to you…it will likely entail that you will need to go to them, at a time and place they are teaching.

Although this can be a valuable experience, if you want to both learn and pursue other interests without drastically altering your lifestyle, it can be really tough to make this scenario work for a long enough duration to get something meaningful out of it.

  1. Regularly practice a consistent system

Our entire practice syllabus is available online, 24/7. This keeps you synergistically integrated with the platform content providing super effective learning outcomes.

This makes it possible to fit a regular practice into pretty much any schedule scenario.

As we are not able to turn back time….or assign a private teacher to everyone who wants to improve the practice…. we’ve really worked hard over the years to create the infrastructure to enable this third option for anybody. This is based exclusively on our 20 years of in-person teaching experience across thousands of students in Japan and internationally. 

Our certified teacher body, the online community and our online content are all seamlessly aligned.  

Regardless of which medium you choose to study, you will be able to build upon and improve your practice….no matter what.

Our entire online curriculum developed over 20 years is available on a subscription basis as a part of the BASE subscription. Some Lecture modules are also available separately

We offer flexible pricing, ranging from $35 / month on a monthly plan to $21 / month on an annual plan. Quarterly and Biannual plans are also available.

You can also upgrade for personalized one-on-one or small-group targeted application-based training to go even deeper. You only pay for the blocks you are interested in, and pay for each proceeding block only when the time is convenient for you.

If you are interested in doing a full teacher training course check out this page for more.

Short answer: yes, but it does not have to be.

The program is designed so that it can be delivered fully online+virtual with a highly flexible schedule, allowing for people from any region to participate and fit it into any lifestyle. Moreover, the quality of your learning output is our highest priority.

However, there is no substitute to real in-person human connection. We also know that for many being a part of the group acts as additional motivation.

Therefore, we have the following interactive and physical mechanisms built it:

  • There is a virtual community
  • There is a feature that allow you to look for study partners in your local area
  • If there is enough demand in a particular area, we are happy to organize holding the face-to-face parts of the course in the form of physical events 

Also, to address the concern of whether or not you will be motivated enough to go through the course without being physically engaged in a group environment, we have came up with a lot of progress visualization, tracking and guidance features that are typically absent on standard off-the-shelf online learning platform that most other online teacher trainings use.

Yes totally. In fact, our globally recognized signature practice system is not offered on any other yoga-related platform platform and will provide you with an entirely new understanding of movement in relation to physical posture practice.

Not to mention, each of the modules on the platform go deep into the educational topics in a way we feel is both comprehensive and relevant. Many established yoga teachers have studied with us over the years specifically because of the reputation we have built.

In short, yes! We love being in the company of dedicated students for any kind of study offerings.

We plan to offer workshops, courses, seminars, and synchronous (face-to-face) modules of our teacher trainings in different locations worldwide. We also plan to periodically offer workshops and pop-up master classes in Tokyo.

To clarify, any in-person events are a synergistic companion to the content on the YogaJaya Education platform, and vice versa. Again, the Platform allows for anyone to get started anywhere!

Subscribe to start studying with us as a first step!

Great question, and even we questioned this for years, until we started implementing online content in 2017 and saw how it revolutionized how our students learned.

Here is a great example of why online learning is so effective:

Sebatian Thrun from Udacity conducted a Stanford University data science course in Robotics/Artificial Intelligence in 2009.

The course had a face to face enrollment held on the Stanford University Campus of 200 of the top data science Stanford students. At the same time the course was released online to an enrollment of 160,000 students. The course content was identical.

At the end of the course they stack-ranked the Stanford students (the most privileged) with the students from the online course. The top 412 students were not from Stanford. In fact the best performing Stanford student was number 413 out of a class of 200.

This meant that for every 1 great Stanford student, there were 412 other people in the world that matched that. The students who did the course online, had the opportunity to review the material and lectures, over and over, absorbing what they studied to infuse the learning efficacy.

Since then many other studies prove that if anyone is provided with a digital environment to learn that is not limited to a fixed time and place, that the efficacy for learning can be much more substantial.

This is one of the reasons why online learning is significantly expanding globally (even prior to the pandemic) with different educational institutions, not only in the academic world but also in business, lifetime education and health & wellness.

Yet, not all online platforms were created equal.

There are a lot of online programs out there these days. Most of them use off-the-shelf online learning solutions, which are essentially a series of videos on a linear timeline.

What makes our platform unique is that it is completely custom-built, and it has an interactive dashboard allowing you to view and track your progress. You can engage with the content in a non-linear way and the platform will support you in this. Not being limited by the constraints of standard off-the-shelf solutions allowed us to come up with a variety of learning formats and tools that best fit each particular learning requirement.

Not to mention, with our stand-alone innovative dynamic virtual session scheduling system, it took away the limitations of geography and fixed scheduling to allow for an immense flexibility to make it work for just about anyone financially and logistically. 

Still not convinced?

That is why we created a subscription model that allows for everyone to dive into the content see how it shines. Get started now to see for yourself. Cancel anytime.

Yep! Here is why what we offer is unique:

  • Our platform offers ongoing access to the course content, upgraded regularly.
  • There is also 24/7 access to a global community of peers and trainers as well forums & groups specific to all the content on the platform.
  • The platform allows you to find friends in the area where you live and also to stay connected virtually to other students that you studied with throughout the course.
  • We provide all students with ongoing resources to support developing practice skills and deepening and understanding of all the topics.

These types of resources are generally not offered in many online yoga practice apps, and have proven to be invaluable for our students.