BASEWORKS PRACTICE is a universal movement platform designed to develop strength & flexibility, joint mobility, motor control, body awareness, concentration, and relaxation.

With a unique teaching methodology and structure, BASEWORKS Practice offers clear and attainable steps in building skills.

Regardless of initial athletic ability or movement experience, BASEWORKS Practice is suitable for both practicing on its own, and or as a conditioning system to compliment any established yoga practice, sport, dance or movement system.


BASEWORKS Practice is a good fit for everyone interested in:

  • Increasing strength, flexibility, motor control and balance
  • Increasing the quality of movement
  • Increasing body awareness
  • Increasing resilience, vitality and better managing stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving brain function
  • Contemplative practices (meditation, yoga, martial arts)
  • Enhancing productivity in any type of learning

If you are already practicing some movement (yoga, physical fitness, dancing, endurance sports etc), BASEWORKS Practice will be perfect as a complementary practice, to:

  • Condition the body
  • Find a more suitable, personalized way to practice
  • Give you new perspectives on movement
  • Fill in the gaps: or use your body in a way you are not used to
  • Improve your ability to adapt

BASEWORKS Practice is based on over a decade of teaching experience, inspired by various movement disciplines and insights from exercise physiology and neuroscience. It is designed to give each student simple cues that will allow them to best understand and safely develop their unique bodies.

There is no forcing in BASEWORKS Practice. The teachers are trained to keep the students at a level of effort optimal for exercise gains, recovery and health in general (also referred to as the "hormetic zone" — not too little, but not too much).

At the same time, the students gradually learn to use "Distributed Activation" and the built-in neuromuscular mechanisms, for quicker more intuitive learning.

"Distributed Activation" is a BASEWORKS Practice term to describe a more holistic concept of 'core strength'. It highlights using all parts of the body and their functional connections rather than just focusing on specific areas.

Designed to improve the quality of movement and increase body awareness, BASEWORKS Practice is ideal for body conditioning, complementing any other physical practice.

While many our students find BASEWORKS Practice interesting, fulfilling and complex enough to be exclusively practiced on its own, we always support students who want to explore other movement practices and or sports. Many have felt their performance in any other practice improve after starting the method.

In this way, we invite anyone to try BASEWORKS Practice to see how it can help to step up an already established practice and also get new ideas and insights on how to move better and more relevant to personal progress.

Because of its influences from yoga in combination with clearly defined principles in neuroscience, physiology and biomechanics, BASEWORKS Practice can offer extremely solid foundations for any type of yoga practitioner to enhance or add to their already established practice.

Our teachers utilize the Baseworks Teaching Methodology to best align the practice with modern yoga.

With this all being said we do not consider BASEWORKS Practice a "yoga system". We simply call it a "movement system."