Redefining Balance - Merging Global Culture Through Lifestyle, Sustainability and Awareness

March 28, 2008 - March 28, 2008
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Event will be held in the stylish and very spacious museum restaurant "content" at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. There will be yoga workshops, discussion about redefining balance in accesing different modalities related to lifestyle, as well as acroyoga and slackline performance, art installations, chill-out music and amazing healthy food.

DJ Set
by Patrick Oancia

Patrick Oancia has been producing and Djing for over 20 years. His music influences range from downtempo/hip hop, techno, acid house, classic rock, punk rock, jazz and funk to all genre electronica. Patrick has held residencies and performed live at nightclubs and events around the world and is also active in multi-level art/media/creation collaborations. He is the director of Para Impacto Company (YogaJaya, Jaya Productions, JayaJaya) and his inspiration for life and work is based on interconnected diversity in lifestyle, creation, and cultivation of expanding human consciousness. His drive has been influenced by music, art, design, travel and sustainable & alternative lifestyles. Recent activities include the co-production of Tokyo “Crossroads” events with Josh Child (Real Grooves), and music selection for Interchill Records/ Spectator Magazine/JayaJaya mix CD collaboration, “Pacifica".

DJ Set
by Nik Silwerski

After playing bass in a psychedelic punk band, touring and releasing albums on New York's Shimmy Disc label in the late 80's, Nik was sucked into the original UK Balearic/acid house explosion before moving to Japan in '92 and a new life in Tokyo's embryonic underground music culture. Djing regularly at clubs and events all over Japan and overseas since '94 aka Muthafunka, Nik has produced and released his own tracks and mixes since '97 on Play Label, Comma, Grain Records and Dirty Works. A funky eclectic sound obsessive since an early age, Nik's genre-defying DJ sets can go almost anywhere depending on the setting, spanning decades of dub, house, techno, dubstep, electro, rock and chill-out. Spinning tunes together with an ear for detail, harmony and flow, Nik DJs exclusively with Traktor software and Faderfox controllers, using live effects and looping to add a fresh dimension to mixes.

Nik will also be providing sound system support at this event.

DJ Set
by Michihiro Sotomura

Active as a DJ since 1996. As the organizer of 'aquart', his themes center around transformation of heart and body led by sound. In 2008, performed with a female DJ, Cio D’or, closely connected to Donato Dozzy. His mixing style known as simple yet smooth, using subtle Ambient / Electronica / Downtempo / Techno sound sources, pulsating each note.

Redefining Balance Discussion
by Patrick Oancia, Adi Carter, Spectator Magazine

Patrick Oancia, Adi Carter and Aono Toshimitsu from Spectator Magazine will discuss about redefining balance in accessing different modalities related to lifestyle.

Bicycle Frame Installation
by Kinfolk

Kinfolk is Akira, John, Maceo, Ryan and, Salah. Their vision started as simply trying to make the bikes that they had in their heads. Simple handmade products which aesthetic is classic yet modern and most importantly, timeless.

Kinfolk's minimalist frames, handcrafted by 70 year old master Shiuichi Kusaka and crowned with a headbadge designed by Marco Hernandez, are unique. Containing decades of frame building experience with a contemporary outlook on design, these bikes are functional, built to last, and aesthetically beautiful. Each frame is sold built to order and made by hand.

AcroYoga & Slacklining Jam Session

An introduction to where AcroYoga and Slacklining comes from, followed by a performance. The audience will then be welcomed to join!

Amazing Food
by "content" Daichi Tajima

Daichi Tajima is a renowned food designer in Tokyo. Daichi with his crew in "content" will prepare various types of healthy snacks that can be devoured throughout the day.

AcroYoga Theraputics Finale/Jam Session
by Adi Carter & YogaJaya students

AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. These three ancient lineages form the foundation of a unique new practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness. This session will be a finale class done by Adi Carter and her YogaJaya students, open for all to observe and be entertained.

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