Sivananda Yoga Basic Course with Yumiko Terasaki

November 2, 2008 - November 30, 2008
Tags : | asana | chakra | hatha yoga | pranayama | sivananda yoga

Sivananda yoga that has been the bridge between classical and modern yoga, is known as an integral yoga that includes 4 paths of yoga aiming for the purification of spirit. This 5 week course looks into how we practice this type of yoga in today's contemporary society.

This course will go into the effects and taboos of each asanas. The final goal is to be able 'practice yoga on your own'. Aiming for a truly healthy life in all perspectives, the body, heart and emotions, built on self-responsibility.

Sample Course Curriculum:

Introduction: Outline of Sivananda Yoga
– 5 points for a yogic lifestyle
- Science of yoga that unwinds the body & mind

Asana/Pranayama Part 1: Breath & Sun salutation
- Breath and hear, and the relationship with body
- Energy awareness

Asana/Pranayama Part 2: Application of Each Asanas
- Approaching down from the top chakra
- Inversions, forward bends, counter poses

Asana/Pranayama Part 3: Application of Each Asanas
- Reaching the base chakra
- Back bend, twists, balancing poses, side bends

The Complete Sequence
- Pranayama, asana to relaxation, the full sequence
- LIstening to your body

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