Special Hatha Yoga Basic Course with YogaJaya Director Patrick Oancia

October 8, 2008 - October 29, 2008
Tags : | anatomy and physiology | asana | hatha yoga | lecture | Patrick Oancia | pranayama

In this 4 week course, Patrick will introduce the fundamental aspects of the physical hatha yoga practice to promote well being. Classes will be 90 minutes in length.

Learn through simple but thorough instruction to build a comprehensive but tangible knowledge of the breathing, postures and dynamics.

Course open to complete beginners. Also be of interest to regular yoga enthusiasts as well.

Partcipants attending the course will build the foundations for attending level 1-3, and all level multi style classes at YogaJaya.

Topics covered:

* Basic intro to the origins of yoga

* The power of and dynamics of basic yoga breathing.

* Body Awareness.

* Basic look at yoga In relation to physical anatomy.

* Posture work emphasizing on the introductory dynamics of modern hatha yoga.

* Step by step instructions on alignment to promote a safe and healthy practice.

* Relaxation techniques

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