Vibrant Living Yoga Teacher Training and Intensive with Daniel Aaron and team of exceptional experts

May 20, 2007 - June 17, 2007
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Join Daniel Aaron and guest gurus - Patrick Oancia, David Williams, Edward Clark, Emil Wendel, Allaine Stricklen, Patrick Oancia, Chris Kummer, and more - for a comprehensive Yoga Alliance certified, residential intensive encouraging forth your highest potential. Experience yourSelf free of false limitations. Empower yourSelf to assist others.

Drawing on our extensive yoga practice and training (with dozens of modern masters), you dive deeply into a spectrum of today’s yogic styles, including Jivamukti, Astanga, Iyengar and more. Discover how you share yoga by learning what’s come before you.

Together we create the ultimate Yogic environment for education and transformation, an international community awakening our true selves. Magic happens as every component and detail is top caliber, including the expertise of exceptional guest faculty; asana and traditional yoga methodology; ancient scripture in a contemporary context; the natural beauty of the tropics; the simple luxury of Anahata Villas; the highest vibration, tastiest organic/living food by Elaina Love; meditation (accepting what is); healthy super chocolate; music; friendship and much more.

Guest Gurus:

David Williams - Maui, USA..

More than 30 years ago, David Williams became the first non-Indian to learn the complete Ashtanga Yoga series of asanas and pranayama from its founder, Pattabhi Jois. David is the main person responsible for introducing Ashtanga Yoga to America and the western world.

Edward Clark - London, UK..

Creator of Tripsichore, the London-based yoga performance group, that has delighted audiences around the world. Edward fuses his keen artistic vision with a deep understanding essential yoga. London, England.

Emil Wendel - Nepal.

Artist of Asian and Indian Philosophy, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Hatha Yoga, a gentle, true guide to the riches of inner stillness.

Allaine Stricklen - Miami, USA..

Founder of 'Gentle Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation,' Iyengar trained 'master’ yoga teacher. Miami, Florida, USA.

Chris Kummer - Australia.

Naturopathic doctor and yoga instructor, Christoph uses his medical and yoga training to bring light and life to the study of yoga anatomy.

Patrick Oancia- Tokyo.

Yoga Alchemist of inquiry and wisdom to invoke truth, Director of YogaJaya, Japan’s multi-faceted yoga studio.

Swami Vagishananda Saraswati- India.

Sanskrit language master, guide to Vedanta chanting and sacred texts.

Elaina love

Chef, educator and author on the benefits and delights of living foods. Director of and goddess of gustatory elation.

Note from Daniel Aaron, director:
Wake up! That's the message of the yoga teacher. Wake up to who we really are. We wake ourselves up first, we see the magnificence in those who come to us and we encourage them realize their true self.

I've dedicated my life to awakening. Awareness of our incredible potential for happiness, and the knowledge that we naturally encoded with everything we need to actualize it, has led me on amazing journeys in the fields of health and consciousness. Yoga has been at the center and continues to delight me as vehicle for guiding others.

Yoga has remained a steady friend and tool, and my education has gone far beyond asana. Using ancient scripture and philosophy in a contemporary context we employ the best tools possible to experience the essence of yoga.

The Vibrant Living Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for any level of experience. Whether you are already teaching, about to begin or are newly acquainted with the benefits of yoga, waking up to who you really are not only frees you to live the life you always knew was possible, it also frees others. Just by being you. Deepening your skills, understanding, confidence and presence in this 'level one' teacher training enables you to reach people more effectively through your authentic experience of yoga. It provides you with a comprehensive yoga education and exceeds the requirements for Yoga Alliance's 200-hour certification. You will dive deeply into extraordinary living, yoga and teaching.

Vibrant Living Yoga emerges from my intention for students to accept themselves fully and challenge their 'perceived' limitations. Mixing education, experience, creativity and spontaneity, we create classes that are eclectic, fun and inspiring. I thrive in Ubud, Bali, and offer workshops and retreats around the world. I am most grateful to Sharon Gannon, David Life, Tim Miller, Rodney Yee, Byron Katie, Dharma Mittra, David Garrigues, Paul Lowe, Richard Freeman, Pattabi Jois, Eckhart Tolle, Rod Stryker, Kofi Busia and so many more phenomenal teachers.

“Daniel is a caring and dedicated yogi who has experienced the fullness of the teachings and brings that fullness to all those with whom he shares ."
- David Life, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, author, master teacher.

With participants from the whole globe, the training is in English. Minimum score 500 on TOEIC (comprehension of English materials).

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