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YOGAJAYA LEVEL 1 TEACHER TRAINING 2017 (Part time Japanese language course)

January 1, 2017 - August 30, 2017
Tags : | anatomy and physiology | asana | ayurveda | Baseworks Practice | biomechanics | business | career design | communication | diet | exercise physiology | hatha yoga | life coaching | lifestyle | mental health | nutrition | self actualization | self-inquiry | teacher training | teaching methodology | wellbeing | yoga philosophy | yoga teacher training

(Part time Japnese language course)

Capacity: 20 participants 


- Baseworks Teir 1 Certification (BT1)
- YogaJaya 300 Hour Accreditation (YJA300)
- Yoga Alliance 200 (RYT200)

YogaJaya understands that work commitments prevent people from immersing themselves in a consecutive daily training course. So we have designed a course to both amplify the experience and economize the time that students are immersed in the curriculum agenda per week.

  • Immerse into the depth of the program while maintaining a balanced lifestyle and work commitments
  • Improve health, enhance lifestyle and revolutionalise your understanding of the benefits of Yoga/ Baseworks Practice
  • Become a certified Baseworks Practice/ yoga instructor and receive constant support from a community of professional teachers
  • Explore and expand your career opportunities with a solid network of experienced teachers
  • Limited to 20 participants to create a highly focused experience

Featured Instructors

Asia Shcherbakova

YogaJaya/BASEWORKS Research Associate | BASEWORKS Certified Teacher | BT2 | YJAT700 | RYT500

Asia holds a Master of Science in Human Genetics and a PhD in Biotechnology...

Emil Wendel

Philosophy Scholar | ERYT500 | Beyond The Asana: Director

Emil Wendel was born in Switzerland and has been living in Asia since the mid-seventies, studying Sanskrit and Indian...

Patrick Oancia

YogaJaya Founder | BASEWORKS Founder | ERYT500 | YACEP

Creator or the BASEWORKS Practice Movement System and founder of YogaJaya...

Satoko Horie

YogaJaya Director | BASEWORKS Certified Teacher | BT3 | YJAT1000 | ERYT500 | YACEP

Director of YogaJaya. Enjoys her life as a constant explorer, a challenger of limits...

Shinobu Nakano

BASEWORKS Certified Teacher | BT3 | YJAT1000 | ERYT200/RYT500 | YACEP

Shinobu dedicated over 10 years to the study of yoga and Baseworks Practice at YogaJaya...


比寿西1丁目25−11 渋谷区, 東京 1530042 Japan + Google Map
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