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Andrei Fantana

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Andrei was born in Eastern Europes communist Romania, raised in the isolated mountains of the Romanian countryside. At the time of the fall of communism in Romania, his will to integrate and be accepted into society overlapped with political changes so intense that he joined a movement where everybody was required to re-invent and re-adapt to completely new rules. Soon after moving to Bucharest he started traveling the world, constantly analyzing the human choices in various areas of the globe.

He graduated Theater and Film Academy, and is active in the digital art scene where he holds the International Self Portrait Day on November 1st every year. He is a renown fashion Photographer, and has been working as a creative director in video games industry for many years. He is also presently one of the band members of one of Romanias current top rock bands “Robin and the Backstabbers” and frequently tours in Romania and throughout Europe.