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Anthony Scott

BASEWORKS Certified Teacher | BT1 | YJAT300 | RYT200
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BA in Japanese literature: School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) | LPC & PgDL: BPP Law School | Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales

Born in Thailand, growing up in a variety of Asian countries, Anthony studied in the UK and has a degree in Japanese literature from the School of Oriental & African Studies in London. After working for All Nippon Airways and the British Government, he studied at BPP law school in London and now works for a US law firm in Tokyo. From a childhood he was interested in zazen meditation and bushido and especially 道 (Dou) “ways” which enable one to experience “enlightenment” through a combination of physical and spiritual practices. He is a former captain of the British kendo team and holds the rank of 5th Dan, enjoys running and swimming, and has utilized Baseworks Practice to relieve his chronic knee and Achilles’ tendon injuries.