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Chie Yoshida

BASEWORKS Certified Teacher | BT1 | YJAT300 | RYT200
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Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio & pfilAtes (pelvic floor pilates) Instructor

As a professional in television narrating, radio personality for years, Chie has been a vocal trainer in this field. As a vocal trainer, she realised the importance of mind-body-diet balance and began to explore bodywork and diet which lead her to become a Pilates instructor. In the process of learning “contrology” in Pilates and working on the breath and introspection, she discovered YogaJaya. Being exposed to the depth of the Baseworks Practice method through regular practice, she became inspired to teach the system and completed the YogaJaya / BASEWORKS Practice Teacher Training. Chie continues to explore new realms of learning and sharing as a Baseworks Practice teacher.