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Chris Kummer

Qualified Naturopath | Structural Alignment Therapist | ERYT500
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Christoph Kummer practiced therapeutic yoga as a child with lasting rewards for his health. Later, Chris was a professional windsurfer before he began medical studies. In 1993, Chris moved to Australia where he studied natural medicine and intensified his yoga practice.

On his yoga journey Chris has been influenced by his friends and teachers. Some of the teachers who have contributed greatly to his body of knowledge are Yogacharya H.S. Arun (Iyengar), Clive Sheridan (hatha kundalini, pranayama), Peter Clifford (therapeutic yoga, 5 element yoga), Emil Wendel (pranayama, philosophy), Matthew Sweeney, Louisa Sear and David Muehsam (astanga vinyasa) and Judith Lasater (restorative yoga).

Chris’ naturopathic background and passion for yoga led to his specialization in yoga anatomy and therapeutic uses of yoga. In addition to workshops, he has been developing and teaching curricula for yoga teacher trainings for 12 years.

In 2003 Chris co-developed KindaYoga, a DVD method to introduce young children to yoga and health through interactive exercises, storytelling and play.

Having taught on over 60 registered yoga teacher trainings and countless workshops, Chris presents a wealth of information in an animated, easy to follow style. He is passionate about sharing his insights and perspectives of the moving body with his students.

Chris is currently based in Toronto, Canada where he teaches yoga and offers treatments. He continues to travel around the world to teach yoga workshops and anatomy curricula for yoga teacher trainings.