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Florian Palzinsky

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Florian was born and raised in Austria. He was an avid windsurfer from a young age and at 16 he began professionally teaching windsurfing. After finishing high-school in Salzburg he worked on organic farms in the United States as well as in Buddhist centers throughout Europe.

From 1996 florian lived as a Buddhist monk for 12 years in Thailand and in Sri Lanka. Since 1999 he has coordinated social projects in Sri Lanka related with his work in Buddhism.
In 2000, Florian published the book “Like a Stranger in Paradise” documenting his life as a monk and the many insights that came from his immersion in the Buddhist spiritual practice.
Since the late 1990s he undertook intensive yoga training in Asia and Europe and completed yoga teacher training programs in Australia and in London.

Florian is based in Mondsee, Austria, and teaches yoga and meditation across Europe and Asia.