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Gabriela Bozic

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Gabriela Bozic holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics and she has received advanced certification to teach the Jivamukti Yoga Method from her beloved teachers and friends Sharon Gannon and David Life. Together with Patrick Broome, she co-founded and now co-directs the Jivamukti Yoga Centers in Munich. After opening up the centre in 2002, she gave up her career as a PR manager in an agency just to become PR agent for her favourite subject – the yoga philosophy which has changed her life. Apart from teaching workshops nationally and internationally, she has been teaching yoga to executives of Boston Consulting and at the international Heidelberg Health Conference. She is also an established presenter at the German international yoga conferences.

Her optimism and vivaciousness are contagious, her classes are powerful and challenging. However, no practice is as powerful as devotion and love; therefore, you will laugh a lot, sing a lot and talk about our true Godly nature in her classes. She has been featured in many German magazines and in the successful Yoga DVD with the German actor Ralf Bauer. She co-authored the book, Yoga for Life: “Reconnecting to Mother Earth with Jivamukti Yoga” with Patrick Broome.