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Josi Valicherri

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As Yoga is a common element in traditional Indian culture, Josi is a yogi who experienced the joy of being introduced to Yoga practice while still only in childhood in Kerela, India. He has since practiced and lived by the free essence of Yoga for decades. He has traveled the world, having lived for years in Europe, Canada, Japan and a varied range of other countries. In each place, he is known for spreading Yoga combined his own personal style of positive, energetic, free living.

His surprisingly diverse talents and specialties include art restoration, interior design, organic culinary invention, master-craftsmanship, musical expression, building and architecture. He is also a perceptive observer and constructive critic of the deeply inhuman elements of much of modern Western-style society.

Josi is a highly advanced master in the martial arts of karate, and Kyudo (Japanese archery). He is also an established organic farmer, and works yearly cultivating rice in Japan and India.

Josi is in no way exclusive to any tradition of Yoga, nor does he believe that Yoga should be strictly defined in any way.

Josi has been a main teacher, inspiration, friend and mentor to YogaJaya director Patrick Oancia for more than a decade.

His unique expression of his life energy comes through in the form of love, freedom, good health, and the exploration of autonomy in human potential, untainted by restrictive social protocol.