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Kengo Nomura

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Kengo had always been active in sports. During his childhood he played baseball regularly and participated in competitive soccer. Kengo had also had been absorbed in skateboarding from 17 years of age and spent several years in the United States refining his ability. Consequently, Kengo suffered a serious knee injury that forced him to put his passion aside.

Kengo graduated with a university degree in Business administration and economics and spent several years playing indigenous instruments including the African Djembe, Asarato, and Didjeridu. He still takes part in regular sessions with fellow musicians and performers.

He was introduced to yoga while watching his roommate practice. Impressed by the dynamic nature of the practice, he began studying yoga.

Kengo had spent time meditating at the Tibet Meditation Center in Sedona, Arizona while ton a trip traveling across the United States. He became interested in Tibet was fortunately was in Japan to attend a talk of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in 2003. Greatly inspired, he visited Tibet the following year. He intently continued his Yoga and meditation practice while visiting, and experienced a very contemplative and inspiring journey during his stay.

Kengo has traveled extensively, visiting other countries including Brazil, Mexico, and China.

His experience with yoga, music, and travel have inspired him to bridge the gap between his different interests with the motivation of manifesting true freedom in his life.

Kengo participated in workshops with yoga teachers including Danny Paradise, Emil Wendel, Louisa Sear, Lucy Roberts and Ken Harakuma. He also completed David Swenson’s Ashtanga first series teacher training.