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Koko Niwa | Environment Consultant | UNEP Consultant | RYT200
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Koko’s vision of the near future is a place where human beings have regained connection with the natural world. A world where all the living forms exist in harmony creating a caring earth community.

Diving deep into the techno party/festival subculture, koko has experienced a free nomadic lifestyle based on travel, music, and spiritual awakening.

In 2005, she completed a masters course in sustainable design at “Forum For The Future” in the UK. With her immense network of like-minded people throughout the world, she has been working on various projects on different levels to spread the word creating harmony in life through a conscious and responsible approach where we place earth, society, and spirituality in the center of our lives.

For the last 5 years Koko has been resident MC on the Fuji Rock Festival eco-conscious stage “Avalon”. She is also active in video production and translation for environmental broadband media “” ( She also worked on the production of sustainable consumption booklet with UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), creative communication support for various NGOs, production of internet streaming site “cosmosmile”, and production of personal interviewing method ecoranger.