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Mami Nakada

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From a young age Mami had spent extended of periods of time in the United States and Japan studying contemporary dance, and classical ballet. Due to physical fatigue over time, Mami’s dance career came to an end.

Struggling to overcome the loss of her ability to dance, Mami began a search for a replacement and a way to further her own personal inquiry. She discovered yoga and later on began intensive study in hatha yoga with Patrick Oancia.

Mami has studied free hatha, sivananda, ashtanga, and vinyasa yoga, as well as in-depth practice in pranayama and meditation.

Mami has also studied with teachers including Louisa Sear, Lucy Roberts, Emil Wendel, Phil Lemke, David Muehsam, Christoph Kummer, Francois Chaillou, Danny Paradise, and Nancy Gilgoff.Mami also studies Pilates to complement her inquiry into mind body awareness.

Mami has completed the Yoga Arts Level 1 formal teacher training and is registered as a teacher under the International Yoga Alliance .

She feels that every new day amplifies a more profound understanding of her own process, and the continuity of yoga practice continues to deepen a greater understanding of how to live a balanced life.

Mami wishes to share the substantial rewards that she has gained through yoga practice by transmission through her teaching of hatha yoga.