Mark Ainley

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Vancouver-based facilitator Mark Ainley is a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant and applied kinesiologist. He has been practicing Feng Shui for 10 years, having trained in both the Chinese and Western schools of Feng Shui. He seeks to transcend the East-West dichotomy by demystifying this ancient science, stripping it of superstition and making it applicable for 21st-Century lifestyles by focusing on present-time essentials.
Mark also works with applied kinesiology, using muscle-testing to help clients identify and release behavioral blocks that limit their life experience. Part of his practice is ‘structure-function’, a science that explores how facial structure is related to behaviour. Mark’s accurate observations of innate talents and skills as visible in facial structure has helped his many clients gain a greater understanding of who they are and how the relate to others.

Mark is visiting Japan this May to host an art exhibition of contemporary Feng Shui art at Gallery Lele in Daikanyama. More information can be found here:
He will equally be doing kinesiology, ‘face talk’, and Feng Shui workshops and consultations throughout Tokyo between May 13 and May 25.
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