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Michiko Yamanaka

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Michiko had spent many years involved in sports. She began skiing straight out of college and after spending an extended period of time in mountain seclusion, began a life of professional skiing. She later became the leader of the Nordika Kestle Girls, and a member of TEAM GAGAN DO. She spent six years traveling and skiing worldwide shooting for television programs, commercials, magazines, and promotional materials.

After settling in Canada in 2001, she was introduced to hot yoga. She later enrolled at the Indian Yoga College and finished her 1st Teacher Training course.

In November 2004, she began her life as a yoga instructor. Shortly after, she began study in freestyle hatha yoga with Patrick Oancia , and was awakend to a new depth in yoga practice. After realizing the influence that yoga had not only her body but also her mind, she became even more intrigued by the practice. She also feels that the connections she made with people whom she met through yoga has had a significant positive effect on her life. In 2005 she was accepted into Yoga Arts Level 1 Teacher Training. Michiko completed the intensive course and became certified under the International Yoga Alliance.

Michiko is presently living in Sapporro, Hokkaido. She teaches to is share her yogic knowledge in a way she feels will help people tap into a better understanding of what ture potential each individual has.

Michiko will return to teach public classes at YogaJaya mid-summer 2006.