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Satoru Koguchi (Satori)

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Satori loves sports ranging from tennis to snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. He began surfing at 15, and his love for the surf led him to go on a working holiday in Australia in his mid-20s. He has since visited Australia many times, gradually becoming very deeply aware of the unmatched power of Mother Nature.

Hearing that many surfers, starting from Jerry Lopez, had begun incorporating yoga into their lifestyles, he became interested in yoga and began practicing yoga regularly in 2002.

Satori has a true passion for art and creativity, currently working as a hairstylist and sometimes getting involved in hair and fashion shows. He also expresses his artistic style through his designs for tattoos.

Satori practices intermediate Ashtanga yoga as his regular regime, but is not tied to any one specific style or asana, remaining fully open to all types of yoga. Through yoga, he has discovered the soul-centered connection between people, as well as the empowerment that grows out of bringing people together.

Satori has completed David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Teacher Training in 2006 at YogaJaya and since then, regularly attends workshops to deepen his practice, but he still believes that his best teacher will always be the students and other people around him.