Concept & Philosophy


Life, as a series of events, shapes everyone at each stage


Tune in to the details, they are HUGE


Try, play, adapt, chill out


Today, any path to self-actualization can be inspired by a ton of options.

Discipline and commitment to personal goals provide direct and tangible benefits to anyone regardless of their physical, spiritual or mental aims.

At a time when the world seems to be in transition, transcending past values — without always being able to establish new ones, a regular dedicated practice provides a means for people to find their own way to explore new possibilities for personal growth, good health and increased productivity.


Yoga = Union. Specifically, a "yoking" of the self by spiritual discipline, a method of training designed to unite the human spirit with ultimate reality and release a person from the limits of the individual ego.

Jaya = Vanquishes, (from the Sanskrit root ji, to conquer) conquering, winning, victorious. As a noun, conquest, victory, hence a favorite proper name, applied to gods and goddesses, the sun, etc.

YogaJaya = Union vanquishes; uniting oneself with ultimate reality as a way of overcoming personal limitations.


YogaJaya encourages anyone to pursue an interesting and challenging life.

As much as we love to engage in discussions on philosophy and science — we want to keep it simple:

Life experience is random, dynamic and very much shaped by our interests and efforts. In a playful way, it can be looked at as a game.

We see dedication to a regular practice as— game changing.

YogaJaya is a great place to explore your potential.