[CANCELLED] Adrian Cox: Morning Immersion: Body-Mind Breakthrough A Five Day Immersion Integrating Yoga and NLP

March 28, 2011 - April 1, 2011
Tags : | hatha yoga | NLP | self actualization | self-inquiry


Notice more, feel more, become more intelligent.

Yoga is an incredible tool for total wellbeing. NLP is a set of tools to help you use the language of your mind to consistently achieve better results. Put together, they form a system for inner wellbeing, and outer attainment!

Upcoming in the last week of this March, join Bangkok yoga teacher/ NLP trainer, Adrian Cox and begin your morning with all-levels Vinyasa yoga and techniques of NLP mind training to apply in seeing more, feeling more, and creating exquisite states of body and mind. This will be an immersion unlike anything you have experienced - explore higher states of consciousness for creativity, change, and high performance. You will be able to apply these techniques profitably in nearly all areas of your life, and be able to use your yoga practice in an entirely new way!

Space limited. Confirmation by advanced booking only.

Module 1: Notice more! Feel more!

06:30-08:00 March 28th to March 30th

In this three day module you will practice vinyasa yoga, pranayamas, yogic seals, and guided relaxation to clear the senses and practice fun and fascinating exercises that will train you to be able to see more, hear more, and feel more. The value of these skills can revolutionize your communication skills in surprising and delightful ways. You'll laugh, smile, and surprise yourself!

Subjects introduced:

  • How to read more on other people's faces and know what people are thinking and feeling
  • Notice the honest unconscious responses from people all around you
  • The value of sensing people's energetic fields and improve your communication skills
  • How to use your yoga practice to wake up the senses

Module 2: Using The Body's Signals for Healing and Decision Making

06:30-08:00 March 31st

Did you know that your body and unconscious mind possess great resources of inner wisdom that, when utilized can help you to use our own healing powers and to make decisions that are clear, and accurate? This module will build upon the training and experiences in module 1: we will use yoga postures, breathing, and a very special NLP process to attune our minds to what is really going on inside the body and unconscious mind. You’ll discover the true ally within!

Subjects introduced:

  • How to establish reliable signals between your unconscious mind and your conscious mind
  • How to use these signals to help you make excellent decisions
  • How to use these signals to help you heal

Module 3: Removing Inner Blocks and Feeling Free

06:30-08:00 April 1st

Stop blaming your past, the economy, and your relationships- feel the way YOU want more of the time! You will learn how to condition yourself to get higher level performances in any situation you choose and the secret is that you can use your yoga practice to do it!

Subjects introduced:

  • How to change the associations you make between environments and behaviors
  • How to use your yoga practice to shift your state of being (even days after your practice)
  • How to generate higher level performance in whatever you do

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