Andrei Fantana: "The Monkey Selfie: Identity and other virtual currencies" (opening DJ Set by Nik Sliwerski)

May 30, 2014 - May 30, 2014
Tags : | foodie | lifestyle | music | public talk | self-inquiry

Are you an iPhone or an Android person? Do you prefer rock or rap music? Are you a vegan or do you eat meat? How about fish? Are you going to get married or, in fact, you want to keep trying people out? Should you buy a Porsche eventually?

Everybody has a need of belonging, a sense of sacrifice. We have the will to devote ourselves to any cause to become more than we are. There’s an open market for new values in the information technology/ current societal predicament and it’s an endeavor to manage ones existence, while trying to “fit in” and become a beacon for personal discovery.

Taking a look at what defines each person in this talk, Andrei will explore the concepts of what values get associated along small path decisions and how this helps putting a bit of order and simplicity into the whole process.

This talk is a conversation about the very real aspects of the present society, the small things that take a lot of consideration and always seem to matter despite no real value. It’s a talk about the new dynamics of life aligned with the social media paradigm, self confinement and the values of identity defining choices.

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