Anouk Aoun Wendel: Mudra Workshop & Master Classes 2019

October 19, 2019 - October 23, 2019
Tags : | hatha yoga | restorative yoga | yin yoga

Mudra Workshop
October 19

Saturday: 14:30-17:30

Mudras come in many forms and have a very long history in the spiritual traditions of Asia.
Commonly referenced to hand gestures, Mudras in Hatha Yoga are also related to postures. In their most advanced form, they have the potential to induce altered, meditative states.

In this workshop, the first phase will start with a short asana practice, including Mudras relating to body postures.

The second phase will explore the theory and philosophical meanings of Mudra and how they have been linked to different spiritual traditions throughout history.

The third phase will focus on Mudra Nyasa. Participants will practice a sequence of Mudras that are eventually infused with the intention and meaning the practitioner gives to them.

Non-Member: ¥7300
Member: ¥7000
YJAT: ¥6800


Hanumanasana Master Class: The Giant Leap
October 20
Sunday: 14:00-16:00

The word Hanumanasana comes from the Sanskrit words Hanuman (a divine entity in Hinduism who resembles a monkey) and asana (posture). It commemorates the giant leap made by Lord Hanuman to reach the Lankan islands from the mainland of India.

Hanumanasana is considered an advanced pose (rated 36 out of 64 by BKS Iyengar). The pose is approached by stretching one leg forward and the other straight back, supporting the body on the hands until the full pose is mastered. The hands may then be placed in prayer position Anjali Mudra. In its full version, the arms may be stretched above the head with the palms together.

Iyengar states that to reach the full pose, one must make "several attempts each day" and be prepared to work at it for "a long time".

In this master class, Anouk will focus on safe and progressive steps toward achieving hanumanasana.

Non-Member: ¥6800
Member: ¥6500
YJAT: ¥6000


Restorative Master Class: Melting into Deep Relaxation
October 23
Wednesday: 19:00-21:00

We live in a world that is driven by the pressure to be more productive, faster, and do more and more...  As a result, many suffer from chronic stress.

Our Asana practice does not always have to be approached in a dynamic way. A strong physical modern Yoga practice can find its complement in a restorative, more passive Yin practice.

In this master class, Anouk will guide participants into a series of postures passively practiced on the floor, using props to support each physical position. The session will be accompanied by light music to raise the potential qualities of mindfulness and relaxation.  

The master class focus is to promote a state of relaxation and is open to everyone, irrespective of past yoga experience.

Non-Member: ¥6800
Member: ¥6500
YJAT: ¥6000


Package Pricing:

Hanumanasana/Restorative Master Class Package (limited to 10 spaces):

Non-Member: ¥13300
Member: ¥12700
YJAT: ¥11700

Hanumanasana/Restorative Master Class/ Mudra Workshop Package (Limited to 10 spaces):

Non-Member: ¥20600
Member: ¥19700
YJAT: ¥18500

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