Building a Foundation to Free the Spine Course with Peter Roussel

May 13, 2009 - July 1, 2009
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In this course we will look in detail at how performance in asana (postures) can be measured by the effect it has on the spine. The function of the spine is symbolic of the deepest aspects of human potential. The spine is the main channel for the central nervous system and there by influences most of the inner and out functions of the body and has an effect on our sense perception. If there is distortion of the spine the flow of energy is compromised and our perceptions are altered.

This course will take you step by step into building asana from the foundation (feet) up, in ways that produce maximum lightness and stability.

Course Curriculum

Week 1 - Foundation

For stable asana we need to establish inner balance, sensitivity and a firm structural base. This first class will focus on balancing the nervous system and various techniques to apply the foot action well. We will start to connect to the action of the knee in preparation for the next class.

Week 2 - Leg Work One

For the foundation to be of use to the spine there must be a clear transmission through the legs. We will examine in detail the workings of the leg positioning and muscles action to induce freedom of movement and lightness in the spine in a variety of standing postures. In Leg work one we will look at the effect of hamstring extension on the spine.

Week 3 - Leg Work Two

To ensure a clear transmission of the grounding effect of gravity through the legs the spine requires independence from the movement of the limbs, this is symbolic of our centre being free from external influences. In “Leg Work Two” we will focus on the groin action, how we can free the pelvis from the leg by targeting the groin/hip action in standing posses.

Week 4 - Base Line

Positioning of the pelvis is critical in the stability and extension of the spine. In this session we will learn to measure the position of the pelvis and with sensitivity, acknowledge the limitations that are present and how they effect the spine. We will see how the action of the pelvis transmits the stabilizing effect of the leg action in to the spine extension. From these last three sessions we will see how the spine position is suggested by the action from the base.

Week 5 - From the Top

Now that we can feel the spine extending from the foundation how can we maintain the transmission through the core? In this session we will look at how the opening of the chest and shoulders can support the activation of the upper spine. When the thoracic (upper) spine is active we activate and energize the higher faculties of our being.

Week 6 - Head Balance

Exploring the alignment of the head in the relation to the pelvic floor gives us an essential awareness of our centre of gravity. Opening the thoracic spine is essential for the development of a clear transmission of energy through the core. In this module we will look at the way the spine action is suggested from the foundation and see how we can open the lung heart centre to bring about an awakening of the higher faculties of the mind.

Week 7 - Merging

In this session we will bring together the activation of the spine from leg work and chest work into some inversions, carefully aligning the centre of gravity to maintain lightness and stability of the core. Carefully qualifying our effort with various techniques for self-measurement and management of the spine.

Week 8 - Being in your Centre

In conclusion of this course we will revise the most important aspects of the course; the values of asana which give us ways to evaluate performance; the techniques of asana which give us the ability to manage the balance of asana by being aware of the effect on the spine. We will flow through a strong practice and bring together all the practices in each asana; giving a direct experience of the potential of asana to re-balance the spine. The ability to use these principles and techniques in asana to re-balance transforms your practice from a work-out into a tool that gives you clear perception so you can gradually manifest your full potential in life.

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