Chris Kummer: Introduction to the Anatomy of Yoga

October 7, 2012 - October 14, 2012
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CET (Continuing Education and Training Program)

This immersion is accredited for YJCET, and Yoga Alliance CET (continuing education) to maintain YogaJaya Accreditation and Yoga Alliance registration status.

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These four modules are an introduction to human anatomy and physiology of yoga that fulfill the requirements as set out by yoga alliance. The brevity of twenty hours covers important basics, but requires ongoing further study from students in order to reach better knowledge and proficiency in the subjects of anatomy and physiology for yoga.

Module 1: The Integrated Yoga Body
October 7, 13:30-18:30

Every activity in the body is controlled by the nervous system. Every activity of the body also affects the rest of the body. Understand more about the different parts and functions of the nervous system and why yoga is such an effective tool to increase intelligence and awareness.

Furthermore, this module covers an overview of the human body systems. You will learn organ locations and functions in the body, and their relationship to yoga practice.

Module 2: Structure and Function
October 8, 13:30-18:30

Muscles, bones and joints form the units necessary for performing yoga asana. Explore in this module the importance of yoga practice for healthy bones and muscles. The brilliant positioning of muscles and bones and their connections by fascia give valuable ideas on yoga posture alignment and their benefits. We will study the muscular and skeletal system together with their related connective tissues and physiology as it applies to yoga asana practice.

Module 3: Health begins on the Inside
October 13, 13:00-18:00

Every breath and most yoga asana move our body. Vinyasa links movement to the breath. Become more aware of the connections of your breath with your abdominal functions, when learning about the respiratory and digestive systems.

Also located inside the abdomen are the reproductive organs. They can greatly benefit from a healthy yoga practice. Inform yourself about yoga practices for male and female reproductive system health.

Module 4: A Path of Heart – Energies along the Spine
October 14, 13:00-18:00

Modern yoga has evolved from traditional practices. Discover some of the relationships to the subtle energy systems of nadis and chakras used for hundreds of years. These energies flow along the spine control a person’s well being. Modern day physiology explains these tasks with the functions of the endocrine system. This module will take a comparative look at both approaches.

Today, heart disease is one of the greatest killers in society. Learn about the cardio-vascular system, the associated lymphatic system and connected yoga benefits and cautions.

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