Creative Improvisation: Investigate the Inner Landscape… Course with Elana Katz

March 5, 2011 - March 26, 2011
Tags : | body movement | dance | expressive arts

Improvisation is a spontaneous response to one’s immediate environment and inner feelings. This course will explore how awareness of the present can stimulate creative improvisation without boundaries. Students will work with the body and voice as tools of improvisational expression, and also explore interaction with improvisational music. The class will be joined as well by guest musical artist Martha Strongin Katz.

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Course Curriculum:

Week 1: Getting Grounded

Week one will examine the possibilities of creativity when physical restrictions and limitations are imposed on the improvisational practice. How can we find freedom and creativity within limitations?

Week 2: Without Eyes

This class will explore the effect of sight, as well as the removal of sight, on the act of improvisation and performance. Participants will also be lead through exercises to free vocal restrictions, to explore expression with the voice beyond words and language.

Week 3: Conversations with a Viola

This week physical improvisation will be joined by music, with guest violist Martha Strongin Katz. This class will focus on sounds corresponding to movements, and vice-versa. We will work toward developing a reciprocal dialogue between movement, voice, and instrumental improvisation.

Week 4: Creative Improvisation Jam

The course’s final session will incorporate all the elements explored thus far, all restrictions will be re removed, a free flow improvisation session will be held. The improvisation session will be followed by a discussion evaluating experience.

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