January 20, 2007 - January 20, 2007
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About the organizers:

Josh Child (Rotation) and Patrick Oancia (Para Impacto, YogaJaya, JayaJaya), both yield from Canada. Having been very active in music and promotion in their home country as well, the Canadians have joined forces to make a landmark event out of "Crossroads", marking diversity, in music, art, fashion, design, sustainable living and new world cross culture. Stay tuned for up and coming collaborations!

Josh Child

Josh Child has always been interested in musical rythms and sounds. Growing up in Canada, he began promoting events after meeting several influential local artists. Rotation Fridays was the first series of events he organized,, which was geared towards showcasing the local crop of talent from the surrounding areas from Toronto and Detroit. After relocating to Japan in 2000, real grooves was born soon after. Since its inception in 2003, the real grooves series has prided itself on showcasing some of the most exciting artists from all over the world including- Kevin Yost, Mark Grant, Jesper Dahlback, Jori Hullkonen, Sieg Uber Die Sonne, Dandy Jack and the Junction SM, Pink Elln, Steve Bug, Akufen, Mike Shannon, Johnny Fiasco, James Curd, Jeff Samuel, Martin Landsky, Antonelli Electr., John Tejada, Im Not a Gun, Takeshi Nishimoto, Vincent Lemieux, Pier Bucci, Mathew Jonson and Roman Flugel. The main goal has been to create events that provide music that has a lasting effect and memorable experience. Who said the musical experience cant be incredible every time?

seco live:

PIER BUCCI (crosstown rebels: berlin)

Pier Bucci started six years ago to create his own vision of atmospherical rhythms via experimental musical programming. His first release can be listened to on the compilation "Austral" on the Chilean label Ruta 5. In the beginning of '99 he founded the project Skipsapiens [u-cover, Belgium] together with his colleague Daniel Nieto which knew to amuse warm, analogue melodies by setting very individual sound effects. In 2000, during the same period the production of the Mambotur songs occurred. The 2001 meet with Lucien Nicolet in Chile and they start the project Monne Automne edited in Background Records [Chile] and in Lo-Fi Stereo [Germany]. At the beginning of 2002 sing with Multicolor Recording with the project Mambotur - AtinaLatino, during that time Pier decide to move to Germany. In Berlin he meets with some of his Chilean friends like Ricardo Villalobos, Schopf brothers and Luciano, working and cooperating with them he meets with some German producers as Pink Elln & Max Loderbauer. New friends and new projects born in Berlin.

The 2003 he released a *bucci* ep with his brother Andre´s on WMF Records, meeting back with Luciano in Geneva they create new songs recently edited on Peacefrog England [lucien-n-luciano album] and on his label cadenza [02]. In Berlin Mambotur invited Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund to a new project remixing an re-creating Los Jaivas, Chilean classic band with influences of altiplanic-andean music. In the studio Argenis, Max and Pier create a new concept call Maluco. In 2004 Pier Bucci met Tobias Freund [Pink Elln] and they created an EP released on Cynosure Records [Canada]: Bucci/Pink Elln - Badminton EP.

In may 2004 Pier create his solo Album for Crosstownrebels [England]. The first EP - Advance Romance, out in November 2004.

Pier Bucci is already something of a legend. Much has been written about the recent emergence of Chile as an unexpected source of cutting edge electronica. Bucci, and fellow countrymen Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano are producing some of the finest and most original electronic music in the world at the moment. This Chilean trio are writing a new chapter of dance music, splicing traditional South American melody and rhythm with conventional electronic music to create an infectious hybrid that gets right under the skin. Pier Bucci has previously recorded with Argenis Brito as Mambotur (Multicolour recordings), with Argenis and Luciano as Monne Autonme (Lo-Fi Stereo), and he co-produced last year's Lucien-Nluciano album 'Blind Behaviour' (Peacefrog), but it's with Crosstown Rebels he has branched out as a solo artist and decided to work under his own name. Two critically acclaimed EP's already released with the Rebels, 'Cinetico Andino' and 'Advanced Romance' have both set the tone. Pier Bucci's debut album was always going to be something special but nothing has prepared people for this. 'Familia' is a masterpiece from an artist at the very top of his game. Presented as a seamless piece of music, these 10 tracks overflow with the kind of harmonies and rhythms that make 'Familia' such a unique and trippy proposition. It was released in November 2005. The perfect balance of headphone sensibility and dancefloor abandon, it sounds like nothing else on the planet. Recorded in Berlin and Paris, all tracks are new and exclusive. The haunting vocals on 'L'Nuit' and 'Tita' are by Armelle Pioline, who has recorded with Atom Heart, and Macha who contributes vocals to 'Hay Consuello'. Early reactions to 'Familia' have been electric. Pier Bucci has clearly established himself as one of the most exciting propositions in electronic music.


Akiko was surrounded by classical music education when she was little.At the age of 14, she was absorbed in Drum'N'Bass that was just occured in London , and she made a commitment to club music, her current style. She started to create her own tracks with laptop since 2002 and has been performing at a lot of clubs in tokyo with many of artists. Then, her original track picked for compilation EP “Newsdays” from Sud electronic in July 2004 and her first solo EP “dimension” released from Sud electronic in October 2004 so that she got evaluated by top class DJs in the world. In November 2005, her track came from contexterrior, and also Richie Hawtin selected

her track in his "DE9 Transitions". Her sound twist and turned and surprised you at every listen , they had the strangest way of creeping up on you, then finally enveloping you into akiko's world.

seco dj:

JOHN CONNEL (real grooves: grain music)

John began djing house and techno in the UK in 1996, moving to Tokyo in 2000. Since then he has held residencies at Womb, Air and now Real Grooves @ Yellow. He has played with the likes of Richie Hawtin (Minus), Ricardo Villalobos (Cocoon, Playhouse), Matthew Dear (Spectral), Mathew Jonson (Wagon Repair) and Sven Vath (Cocoon) among many others. Grain Records is a project he started in 2006 with Niklas Niemenen and Jason Hopfner, on which he also produces. Tracks on the label have been supported by Magda (Minus), Audio Werner (Perlon) and Vincent Lemieux (Musique Risque, MUTEK). Tracks available on

AQUIRA (nordform: box tokyo)

Aquira (Realgrooves/Nordform)
Tokyo based upcoming dj, Aquira started his dj career in 1993 and shifted his style from Hip Hop / Abstract / Jazz to Techno.
His simple but funky sound and skillfull mixing style has been praised by Jeff Milligan, the famous Canadian turntable craftsman.
Aquira controls the dancefloor by creating a powerful and unique groove with his minimalism and funky sound.

SISI (real grooves: timothy really)

Vinyl junkie, collecting freaky acid records in the late 90s, Sisi started djing in 2000. By distorted and acidic sense of music, his sound caught many peoples ear, and he was picked up as one of the resident djs of Real Grooves, a new exciing event at club Yellow. As the A&R of the label "Timothy Really", Sisi has build up relationships with both local and international artists. Especially, Steve Bug has chosen Timothy as the label to for releasing his Poker Flat materials in Japan.

OZMO AKA SAMMY (real grooves)

Spending 2 years in Manchester, UK, in the early 90s, SAMMY worked in the music scene in Hacienda at rave parties and Neo Psychedelia. He started his career as a dj from 2000. His sound could be described as noizy, dynamic but sensitive groove by mixing dub, shogazer, metal core, and noise, with many types of dance music. He has played with Akufen, Evil Nine, Jennifer Cardini, John Neltran, Kirk Degiorgio, and etc. not only at clubs but Sammy has also played for Lenny Kravitz's unplugged live event and some fashion shows too.

respekt / jayajaya lounge DJ

JAYBEE (loud minority)

Jaybee began DJing at 18 years of age. Not long after he was asked to play at the prestigious "Chinese Laundry" and "Globe" nightclubs in Sydney, Australia. From there he went on to hold a residency at "Slip Inn” located in The same building as Chinese Laundry quickly establishing himself as a reputable Tech House/ Deep House DJ. In 1999, Jaybee relocated to Tokyo going on to play at some of Tokyo's best night clubs.

Jaybee met and worked with many producers and label owners leading him to connections and relationships which have strengthened his relationship within the electronic music world and also inspiring his interest in Japan culture.

Jaybee has worked closely with DJ Jun (Capricious Records) and has showcased in clubs and held residencies at major events over the past 6 years. Jaybee draws on inspiration from Deep House and downtempo rythems. His love for skateboarding, graphic design, and travel, have inspired him to live a full experiential life connected with musical flavor and artistic juice.

HIDEYO BLACKMOON (in-d: tempest: anoyo)

Japanese Female Traveller DJ/Vocaist

Hideyo Blackmoon is known as the ‘little shaman’,'stage shakthi','medicine woman' of the party scene, and one of the most sought after ambient artists on the electronic music festival calendar. If she is not on the dance floor, you will be able to find her behind a mixer or a microphone.
Well known for her chill / ambient and futuristic space sets throughout the world. Hideyo’s musical ability dose not stop as a DJ she explores her vocalist talents and incorporates them with her deep style sounds, and creates the atmosphere by becoming one with her environment, blending together outdoor elements, nature, bush, and most certainly, the crowd. She frequents most of major trance parties on the calendar including: Return to the Source, Earth day, Autumnal Equinox Festival, Solstice Music Festival, Rainbow 2000, Anoyo etc in Japan and internationally at Solipse2001(zambia), Moontribe, Burning Man (USA), Rainbow serpent (AU), Soulclipse2006 (Turkey) etc. In 1999, Hideyo was responsible for bringing the ambient element to Japan, and created a new type of club, “Bullets”, that was committed to the art of ambient sounds that played a significant part in the Tokyo’s underground music scene, also, in 2003, she created most major largest club in Tokyo "Ageha"chill out space. She was a resident DJ and managed bookings for a half year. Hideyo’s vocal talents enable her to collaborate with numerous musicians. Her work with her electro-jam-rock band "The Massive #252569 Band from Tokyo. She has contributed vocal to releases with OMB (Anoyo/JP), "Deep Dive Corp"(In-D Rec/Ger), has also collaborated with "Simon Polinski" (Hesius Dome) and Andrew Till (Psy-harmonics/Cyan Music )from Australia, "Ohm-g", "Lenny Ibizarre" from ibiza, "The Nun Project" from Israel etc.. Also, she has Multi-Media-project "Blue Lotus Beam" with "Dhiren Dasu" and "Penny Slinger" at Goddess International from California. Over the past few years, she has travelled where music shown her, work at studio and international festivals most of the time. We keep upload news where she is, what she do, now....

PATRICK OANCIA (jayajaya: paraimpacto)

Patrick Oancia has been Djing for 20 years. His style ranges from downtempo grooves mixed with classic rock, jazz and funk to all genre electronica. Patrick has held residencies and played at night clubs and monthly events in Tokyo and abroad, spinning at clubs including Yellow, Womb, Fai, Loop, On Air West, Club Citta, and Seco bar just to name a few. Patrick is active in music production, and live music performance as well as pursuing interests in multi-level art/creation collaborations. Patrick is the director and head teacher of YogaJaya in Tokyo. He teaches yoga primarily to share the profound aspects it can have on ones life, and show how it can be integrated into daily living to engage complete individual trasformation.

dance performance

MISHAAL (sacred earth: smanyolu: yildz tribe)

Mishaal (Samanyolu, Yildz Tribe, Sacred Earth)
Mishall has been a performing as a belly dance artist for more than a decade. She has perfiormed in Turkey, Germany, Maldive Island, Las Vegas, and Korea as well as several performances in Japan. She has participated in international dance festivals, and also produced Kervan Serai events. In Japan, she has performed on various occasions for brands, such as Louis Vuitton. KENZO. FENDI. and Hermes as well as performing at various electronic music festivals. She is recognized as one of the top belly dancers in Tokyo. She calls her dance“the Sacred Earth Belly Dance", which opens up a new world,

awakening one’s body and mind through movement called Shakti Flow. Her dance focuses on personal transformation by encouraging self-awareness and actively living one’s life beyond ones own limitations. Her inspiration from Belly Dancing, comes from ancient feminin wisdom. It awakens natural female creative energy, and transmits pure beauty. Her dance is about a celebration of life.

Mishaal is the director of SAMANYOLU Oriental Dance Ensemble, Yildiz Tribe, Raqs Chandra, and Devadasi Studio.


GORI- Dancer, choreographer, graffiti artist.

Born in Osaka , Japan on May 8, 1978, Gori started Hip Hop dance at 17 years of age. He was a member of “Flying monkey” and performed on well known Japanese television spotlight, “Dance koushien”. GORI has carried out “real B-boy stance” in the underground scene as a break dancer , and after moving to Tokyo, he also became a member of “Rock steady crew” In New York he performed in hip hop musical “JAM ON THE GROOVE”, the only off broadway musical which made huge success in the dance/theatre world.

His original dance style was very well respected in NYC, and inspired by the experience, he returned to Japan in 1997 and organized “cyborg 007”. He performed at various events, produced promotion videos, commercials, and movies, as well as recently collaborating with various dancers from different backgrounds. He is motivated to break new original ground as a Japanese Dancer and is also active as a choreographer and graffiti artist.

yogic arts performance


Growing up with backyard martial arts and the realness of street fighting in the rural delta region of Northern California, juxtaposed with the influence of his grandfather's Gung-Fu practice and incense burning rituals, and formal dojang [Korean martial arts school] training; with his Buddhist master, in San Francisco's Chinatown and Japan Town, he was never a stranger to the intuitive reflexes and highs associated with physicality. His travels expanded with his interests, which took him across the Asian landscapes of China and India. He sought out great beings of knowledge, honing his skills and awareness, which eventually exposed him

to the art of Thai massage [active yoga massage] and other healing methods. Integrating this form of sacred touch was the necessary element that supported the development of the Yogic Arts system into its current form, which is the ongoing expression of his life's work.

Duncan Wong is the creator of the Yogic Arts system.

His practice spans over 20 years and his teachings extend across the globe.

live painting


Tadaomi Shibuya (Illustrator/Artist) Born in Yokohama. His art style was formed though the influence of the music like Hiphop/breakbeat, SF, special effect films, and Robotic animation. His current works are CD jacket, club event flyer and logo mark designing.


INTERSTELLA (crystal Visuals)

Interstella are Richie and Mari. Interstella started when they met in 2002 and is an collage of analogue visuals made using macro lenses, prisms and crystals. Interstella's unique vj style includes live analogue visual interaction without the use of computers and real time refraction and projections. This is where the magic happens, as sounds waves create light waves from the micro to the macro cosmos, fusing colors and melting textures in synch with the music. Interstella will also display a kaleidoscope installation and premiere their new slide show at this Crossroads event.

Richie came to Japan as Dj R1 in 1993 and played at some of the most colorful parties when the trance/techno scene was just beginning. Those early parties include The Twilight Zone, Key Energy, Odyssey, Horizon, Geoid, Vitamin-Q, Dakini and Anoyo. Nowadays Richie works as a freelance carpenter / furniture maker and builds huge kaleidoscopes and other objects in his spare time.

Mari first become interested in visuals and decoration whilst assisting with the deco, lighting and visuals at "Lifeforce" party in 1989. Her father who co-produced these parties is well known PA Engineer Mr Asada. Mari from then went on to participate in other underground parties such as Vitamin-Q, Dakini, The Loft and then to vj at various festivals including Labyrinth, Utage, Hikari Matsuri and ecology events such as BeGood Cafe and Earth Day. Mari also works as a 3DCG artist and is an art director of Photon inc., a media art group with which she helped develop the "RhythmEngine", a spatial music session software which have got good reaction worldwide.

We hope you will enjoy Interstella's unique and spacey visual display.

candle installation by Candle JUNE

Candle JUNE is a Candle Artist, who has traveled an exhibited around the world with hope to spread a message of global awareness and peace through his work. He started creating candles in 1994, and after years of work first held exhibitions at galleries and salons from 1997. He has produced spaces with candle art installations at fashion shows, outdoor events, live stages, and reception opening events. He started “Candle Odyssey” in Hiroshima in 2001, and in 2002 travelled through the United States exhibiting candles at Ground Zero in morning for the many whos live had been lost. In 2003, he had exhibitions in Okinawa, Aftanistan, Fuji Rock Festival, and Hiroshima.
In 2004 "Candle Odyssey "traveled around various places in Japan, and later made his way to Cambodia to exhibit his candles at Ankorwat also teaching young Camodian children how to make candles. 2005 brought "Candle

Odyssey" to Hokkaido, Niigata (earth quake-damage zone), China and London.

His journey to light and exhibit candles continues. And June claims he will do so until the day he dies.

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