Dave Dobson: Deepening Your Understanding of Yoga through Ayurveda, Diet & Nutrition, and Self-Inquiry

October 25, 2011 - October 28, 2011
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CET (Continuing Education and Training Program)

This immersion is accredited for YJCET, and Yoga Alliance CET (continuing education) to maintain YogaJaya Accreditation and Yoga Alliance registration status.

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Moving Forward: Personal Balance and Tools for Transformation

Dave will be offering a series of four workshops focusing on finding balance and facilitating personal growth and life transformation.

With our lives becoming increasingly busy and complicated, it is easy for our minds and bodies to get out of balance, creating disturbances on all levels of life. To be able to live healthy and rewarding lives, we therefore need to recognize our personal needs on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual.

By understanding ourselves better, who we are and how life works, we can find personal balance and take a path of constructive development by making the appropriate choices, saying the appropriate things, and responding to life’s challenges in ways that result in positive outcomes.

Dave will be drawing on Ayurvedic principles interpreted in a contemporary way, as well as nutrition, psychology, and communication ethics to help workshop participants understand how to achieve personal balance and improve the quality of their lives and relationships.

These workshops will be open to all. Module 3 and 4 will develop and extend areas covered by Dave in the YogaJaya teacher training program, so if you are a YogaJaya teacher training graduate who enjoyed Dave’s classes, there will be something here for you also.

***This workshop will offer powerful insights on personal manifestation as well as providing great tools for expanding capacity as a yoga teacher.

Module 1: Prakruti - Understanding Ourselves and Others As Unique Individuals

October 25th 18:45-21:15

This workshop will apply Ayurvedic principles to help participants understand their own unique constitution (prakruti) and how it relates to their physical and psychological well-being.

Understanding our personal constitution is extremely useful in helping us understand ourselves as well as others on a much deeper level. It helps us understand our physical and psychological tendencies, and what will take us out of balance and bring us back into balance at any given time. This can be applied not only to achieve and maintain personal health and balance on all levels, but also to enrich our relationships – on personal as well as professional and wider social levels.

Topics for this workshop will include:

  • Defining and recognizing the different constitutional types and subtypes
  • Understanding the health challenges of each constitution
  • Understanding the emotional tendencies and personalities of the different constitutions
  • Recognizing the early signs of imbalance
  • General guidelines for keeping and restoring balance to mind and body

Module 2: Eating Right and Living Well - Diet and Lifestyle as Vehicles to Health and Awareness

October 26th 18:45-21:15

Eating right can be tricky when leading busy lives in such a convenience orientated processed modern world. However if we understand some basics, as well as what works for each of us on an individual level, we can easily get the most out of what we eat and have fun with our food, without it becoming a stressful or a socially isolating issue. The same can be said about lifestyle choices.

This workshop will explore diet and lifestyle as vehicles to improving personal health and awareness. Dave will draw on Ayurvedic principles interpreted in a contemporary way, incorporating an understanding of Western nutrition and yoga to help participants make dietary and lifestyle choices that are best suited to their personal constitutions and conditions.

Topics for this workshop will include:

  • The relationship between digestion and disease
  • How to improve digestion and assimilation of food
  • Food and taste in relation to different constitutions: finding a diet that’s right for you
  • Raw food and vegan diets – what to be aware of
  • Busting food myths
  • Making choices – what to eliminate and what to include
  • Exploring the relationship between food and awareness
  • Exercise and lifestyle considerations, including personalizing your yoga practice to suit your constitution and current state of health
  • Making life transitions in a fun yet lasting and effective way

Module 3: The Dynamics of Relationships and Transformation Through Communication

October 27th 18:45-21:15

Having healthy relationships is essential if we wish to live healthy fulfilling lives.

Life is an opportunity to become the person we dream to be and to help others to do the same. What we become is a result of what we do, both mentally and physically. Our diet and lifestyle are an important part of this, however once we have them worked out, the real test comes through how we handle our relationships, which depends to a large degree on how we communicate.

This workshop will look at what it takes to build and maintain healthy relationships and effective communication.

Topics for this workshop will include:

  • The mind, body, spirit connection
  • The relationship between experience, trauma and transformation
  • Integrity: principles to get yourself together
  • Keys to building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Communication tools and ethics – what works and what doesn’t

Module 4: Keeping Altitude - Emotional States and How to Work with Them

October 28th 18:45-21:15

Our emotional state is a reflection of the relationship between our spirit and our mind. At low emotional states our altitude on life is correspondingly low, as spirit is not home and we are moving from our head instead of our heart, where views, words and actions quickly become twisted. Emotion is therefore the lens through which we view and negotiate the world. As such, it has a huge influence on how we operate and communicate, which in turn affects the outcomes of the interactions we experience. Recognizing this and being able to work with it is the key to our ability to transform the challenging situations that we find ourselves in on a daily basis.

This workshop will look in depth at communication in relation to emotional states. Expanding on the communication tools introduced in the previous workshop, we will look at how to handle difficult situations to achieve positive outcomes for all involved.

Topics for this workshop will include:

  • Understanding the relationship between different emotional states and communication
  • How to deal with people who are in various emotional states, such as anger, depression, or people trying to exert control
  • The importance of passion
  • Keeping altitude – how to stay positive and maintain a high emotional state
  • Moving forward and maximizing transformation

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