Edward Clark: Tripsichore Choreographic Workshops in Tokyo: FINDING THE BEAUTY IN POSTURES

March 11, 2008 - March 13, 2008
Tags : | asana | choreography | dance | hatha yoga | tripsichore yoga | vinyasa

The philosopher Ananda Coomaraswamy makes the fascinating claim that beauty is a latent phase of Brahman -- something that comes out of latency and into being when it is experienced by a practitioner or observer. Yoga practice has the exulted aim of trying to come to an understanding of Brahman and it is inevitable that, on occasion, we see someone in an asana or we do a posture and have this experience of Beauty or Brahman.

Tripsichore creates works that fuse the lyricism of dance with the spirituality of yoga. The technique focuses on uniting the mind and body through the use of breath and the movement of energy. Tripsichore’s linking of postures is innovative, yet the methods used are respectful of orthodox traditions. The goal of this workshop is to understand the beauty and energy of some of the more spectacular postures and to explore their expressive potential.

The practice of Tripsichore techniques is for anyone interested in expanding the potential of yoga. Some previous yoga experience is recommended because we do work with advanced asanas, although those fairly new to yoga will find the workshop safe, accessible, and entertaining. We analyze technical approaches to breathing, backbends, and inverted work, all with the aim of explaining and exploring how energy flows through the body to create the forms and shapes. Then, we focus on the expressive potential of advanced backbends, Tripsichore Sun Salutations, and inverted postures that we learn to transform into the choreography of Tripsichore Yoga Theatre.

Introduction: Tripsichore Vinyasa Yoga Class
Tuesday 18:30-20:00 

Module 1: Finding The Beauty In the Posture
Wednesday 18:30-21:30 

When we look at a photograph of a person in an asana, we sometimes think it looks great and other times we feel it doesn't quite work. This workshop will look at the mechanisms for making postures that reveal Brahman and will address the subjects of breath, drishti and energy in performing yoga postures. Participants are encouraged to bring cameras or video cameras.

Module 2: What Happens When We Create Meaning With Yoga Postures?
Thursday 18:30-21:30 

This workshop will examine how deliberate intention by a yoga practitioner is read by the people observing and will look at its ramifications for performance and in life. Expect extraordinary shapes and ideas to appear.

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