Emil Wendel: Pranayama and Beyond, 2009 Tokyo Workshops

April 25, 2009 - May 1, 2009
Tags : | hatha yoga | lecture | meditation | neuroscience | pranayama | yoga history | yoga philosophy

Morning Pranayama/Meditation
April 25 - May 1, 2009
Every morning 07:00-08:30

Pranayama & Guided Meditation: A Step-by-Step Approach


Yoga Philosophy Evening Workshop
April 27 - May 1, 2009
Every evening 19:00-21:00

A yoga philosophy workshop in 5 parts.


Monday, April 27
Ancient Sources of Yoga: from shamans to ascetics

Tuesday, April 28
Understanding the Different Yoga Paths: appreciating richness, variety and contradictions

Wednesday, April 29
Classical Yoga versus Hatha Yoga: scriptures and development

Thursday, April 30
The Birth and the Personalities of Modern Yoga: the last 150 years of yoga history

Friday, May 1
Using Science to Understand Yoga: research findings of neuroscience

Q&A Session Pranayama: emil will answer your questions regarding pranayama practice, technique and philosophy

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