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Expanding the Visual Field: Open Eye Meditation Course with Elana Katz

February 2, 2011 - March 30, 2011
Tags : meditation

This course will explore techniques of open eye meditation, the calming therapeutic effect of bringing meditation into a visual practice -- deepening, softening, and challenging one’s visual experience. Over the course of nine weeks, participants will be asked to leave the comfort zone of meditation in a contained space, bringing various forms of stimulation and interaction to the meditative practice.

Course Curriculum:

Week 1

Basic techniques of softening/ expanding the visual field.
Chi gong techniques for grounding energy (practicing open eyed).

Week 2

Deepening practice of expanding visual field.
Entering longer meditation practice.

Week 3

Physical positions affecting the meditative state— movement, stillness, reflex stimulation.

Week 4

Open eye meditation practice. Interactive/ partnering class.

Week 5

Long durational meditative exercises. Interactive/ partnering class. Exploring the notion of leaving one’s comfort zone—what can be learned by this practice?

Week 6

Meditating with eyes wide shut.

Open eyes are associated with seeing, yet what can be seen when the eyes are closed? How can the notion of seeing inform and deepen a close eye meditation practice?

Week 7

Open eye meditation with artistic visual stimulation, how a meditative state effects one’s consumption of art?

Week 8

Bringing meditative practice outside of the studio. Participants will be lead on a meditative walk through the city.

Week 9

Discussion regarding the use of open eye meditation techniques in daily life, as well as in a meditation and yoga practice. Conclusive evaluation of course material -- meditative interaction, leaving comfort level in meditation practice, leaving the contained space of the studio, how meditation effects the integration of visual stimulation. Ending meditation.

Featured Instructors

Elana Katz

Elana Katz was first introduced to yoga at the age of 11, while training as a classical dancer…


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