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Baseworks Foundation Master Class

Baseworks: Virtual Foundation Master Class

December 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020
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Baseworks Master Class breaks down the practice concepts that form the core of the method. The details taught in a Master Class can immediately be applied by students into regular classes to support a more informed understanding of how to progress effectively.

Baseworks Master Class is an interactive workshop-style format. Students get great insights on how to cycle between the Baseworks Practice Modules (public classes), also acting as a bridge to progress from one module (class level) to the next.

Foundation Master Class outlines the fundamental aspects of the Baseworks Practice Method. Both new and experienced students will get some great tips that will clarify the purpose of developing physical prerequisites to match personal conditions.

The Baseworks Master Class is currently offered to both YogaJaya members and non-members at regular class pricing. Students can use their class passes to attend.

To keep the sessions informative and more personalized, Baseworks Master Class attendance is currently limited to 15 students.


July 19, 2020


  • If you are new to YogaJaya, the Master Class workshop fee is ¥3100. It includes a 10% coupon code to purchase 5, 10, 15, and 30 ticket class passes at the studio. Register, log in and return to this page to purchase this workshop.
  • YogaJaya Members and Non-Members can use existing class tickets to book this workshop. Reserve your spot in the MBO app.
  • Trial pass holders cannot use their tickets for this event.

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Featured Instructors

Patrick Oancia

YogaJaya Founder | BASEWORKS Founder | ERYT500 | YACEP

Creator or the BASEWORKS Practice Movement System and founder of YogaJaya...


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