Hatha Vinyasa Practice and Sequencing Course with Kengo Nomura

August 5, 2009 - August 26, 2009
Tags : | asana | backbends | bandha | hatha yoga | inversions | meditation | vinyasa

This workshop focuses on learning the techniques of preparing the body and mind to sit still and steadily for meditation and to free the self through yoga practice. The first half will focus on basic hatha yoga alignments and techniques to safely approach inversion balancing poses. The latter half of the course will focus on the basics of sequencing and how to incorporate it into one's yoga practice.

Course Curriculum:

Week 1

This session deals with: the three main reasons why we practice yoga in the modern world; on energy movement and quality; and on how to merge the direction of one's energy flow with body movements.

Week 2

We will learn the various balancing poses that utilize the bandha (which protects elbow and knee joints from injury and allows stagnant energy in the body to flow) necessary to make vinyasa (coordination between breath and body) a much more meditative experience.

Week 3

We will approach backbending from various angles and develop the necessary practice for each individual. During this process, we will go through a detailed explanation of how to create a sequence and what one can gain from it.

Week 4

In this concluding week, all the prior elements of the course instruction will be integrated into a unified theme and message. The objective will be to make real and observable progress toward a higher quality of individual yoga practice through the personalized integration of: a sharper inner focus, a more complete sensory withdrawal, a higher level of concentration and deeper meditation.

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