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Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Miles Maeda

February 6, 2005 - February 6, 2005
Tags : | asana | hatha yoga | kundalini yoga

Miles currently assists his teachers in running the World Evolution Rudra Yoga Program. It's primary focus is sharing the tools to remove obstacles in one's life & live in a unified state through waking, dreaming & deep sleep. By practicing this primative & unadorned path to perfection, one can embody these teachings so that their presence is full, their passions are alive & their actions are complete. It is a marriage of new & ancient technologies which unveil the true nature of one's being.

Note: There will be no advanced bookings for this workshop. Please show up early to ensure a space.

This yoga is part of the Rudra Yoga program and is an introduction to the subtle systems of the body and in developing will-power.

Kundalini Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that incorporates breath work with postures to detoxify the body, strengthen the nervous system, heal the organs and tissues & balance the glandular systems. It is a comprehensive practice which also develops concentration & will power & helps to change unconscious habit patterns. We will use exercises and teachings which combine the mind, body, breath and sound to explore the subtle system. This yoga can help us learn to make the unconscious
conscious and choose supportive habits in our intention to become whole and connected to an unlimited source of energy.

Hour 1 - introduction to Kundalini Yoga: breath, posture, concentration the 'inner smile'

Hour 2 - beginners series postures & sound practice: clearing the 7 chakras with movement, breath & sound

Hour 3 - Rudra meditation: dumo practice & question/answer period

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