Manuela Heider de Jahnsen: Ayurveda & Diet and Nutrition Modules (Berlin, Germany )

July 24, 2012 - August 9, 2012
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YogaJaya International Intensive Teacher Training
Individual Modules

The YogaJaya Teacher Training can be attended as an entire course and or individual modules. Completed Modules will be credited toward our YogaJaya Teacher Training Accreditation (YJA) and certain modules can also count as continuing education and training for Yoga Alliance registered teachers. Anyone is welcome to attend listed sessions with or without the desire to be accredited.

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Ayurveda & Diet and Nutrition Workshops
July 24, 26, August 7, 9

Introduction to the Key Theory of Ayurveda
July 24th, 13:00-15:30

  • Theory of Shamkya
  • Functions of the Mahabhutas
  • Doshas
  • Prkrti and Vkriti
  • Ayurvedic Psychology
  • Tri-Gunas

Ayurvedic Anatomy & Diet and Nutrition
July 26th, 13:00-15:30

  • Self-Understanding of Doshas
  • Dhatus
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Food classification according to the Doshas
  • Emotional Food

August 7th, 13:00-15:30

  • Ideas and Concepts of Detox through Nutritional Concepts
  • Dravyaguna
  • Use of carefully selected Herbs

Oriental and South Eastern Medical Approaches
August 9th, 13:00-15:30

  • Understanding the Oriental Way
  • Nutrition System in Oriental Medicine
  • Seven Emotions and Five Sprits

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