Mark Shveima: Yoga Therapeutics: Moving Into Wholeness

August 13, 2012 - August 16, 2012
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CET (Continuing Education and Training Program)

This immersion is accredited for YJCET, and Yoga Alliance CET (continuing education) to maintain YogaJaya Accreditation and Yoga Alliance registration status.

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In this four-part series, you will learn how to use the hatha yoga practice as a tool for healing the body. When a part of our body is suffering, the pain or discomfort we feel is the body’s way of indicating there has been a disconnection created. That part of us that is suffering wants to be brought back into harmony with the rest of the body.

In this series, you will learn how to move from pain and disconnection into wholeness. This wholeness can be defined as a feeling of deep cohesive unity throughout the body. From that cohesive unity, an expansive equanimity is generated throughout the entire body-mind structure.

We will use the principles of the Anusara hatha yoga method, along with other means and methods that complement the principles. You will learn a variety of simple yet powerful techniques to heal yourself and others. You will also have opportunities to ask about specific therapeutic issues, and have any personal needs addressed in class.

This series will give you the tools to transform physical suffering into expansive freedom, discover your innate healing potential, and move into a more harmonious relationship with your entire body-mind consciousness.

Part 1: Lower Body
August 13th, 13:00-16:30

Part 2: Upper Body
August 14th, 13:00-16:30

Part 3: Lower Body
August 15th, 13:00-16:30

Part 4: Upper Body
August 16th, 13:00-16:30

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