Patrick Oancia: All level freestyle hatha yoga workshop and discussions.

April 8, 2006 - April 29, 2006
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The basis of all of Patrick's teaching is to elaborate on full integration of body dynamics, meditation, pranayama, and self-inquiry. Patrick approaches teaching asana in various different ways to directly address different aspects of the physical practice and how that can manifest into life experience. Patrick will lecture about full integration of yoga experience into modern day life. His belief is not connected with any one particular tradition. It is based on his desire to share life experience in an open and nurturing way.

This workshop will prepare beginner students to attend YogaJaya level 1 to 3 led public classes.



Saturday, April 8. 15:00-17:00


Modern day yoga.


Introduction to yoga breathing.

Physical Practice:

Basic warm up techniques that can be practiced every day.
Different variations of Sun Salutations.


Saturday, April 15. 15:00-17:00


Setting a positive intention for yoga practice.


Detailed explanations of the dynamic of using vinyasa(breath synchronized movement) in the physical practice to economize energy.

Physical Practice:

Introduction to developing and cultivating core strength with basic standing postures.
Grounding through the legs and pelvis.


Saturday, April 22. 15:00-17:00


Yoga: Life; unity, awareness, expansion.

Physical Practice:

Focus on the spine: Twists, Forward bends, Back bends.
Basic inversions.


Saturday, April 29. 15:00-17:00


Dharana(concentration) Dhyana(mediation). The basic fundamentals of living in harmony with your surroundings.

Physical Practice:

Integration of asana(postures), pranayama(breath control), Dharana(concentration), and Dhyana(meditation) to promote a safe and fun yoga practice.

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