Patrick Oancia: DUSK Flow Yoga & Music

August 30, 2013 - August 31, 2013
Tags : | asana | Baseworks Practice | biomechanics | festival | hatha yoga | meditation | Patrick Oancia | pranayama

Enjoy yoga right by Tokyo Tower and a morning pranayama/meditation session at Zojoji Temple.


YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga - Fundamentals

August 30, 17:00-18:15

The “YogaJaya Baseworks" yoga system combines refined breathing to promoting fluidity and grace through awareness in movement. This session will introduce the key points of the system. Open for all levels of students!

Pranayama & Meditation

August 31, 06:00-07:30

A deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga comes from a regular daily practice. The particular quality of morning practice can tone and prepare our bodies and mind for the course of each and everyday. In this session students will follow a led practice of Pranayama (breathing practices) and guided meditation utilising effective techniques in and easy-to-understand way.


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