Patrick Oancia Dynamic Hatha Yoga (Tokyo workshop)

November 29, 2008 - November 30, 2008
Tags : | asana | bandha | hatha yoga | lifestyle | meridian | Patrick Oancia | self actualization | vinyasa | yin yoga | yoga nidra

This workshop will elaborate on integration of body dynamics and relaxation.

Patrick will address different aspects of the physical practice and how that can manifest into practical life experience.

He will introduce a yin style approach to induce a better understanding of how the practice can affect the meridian system and specific organs to enhance physical balance, inside out. He will later combine dynamic vinyasa style sequencing with multiple posture variations for more of a heat intensive, purifying practice. Patrick encourages holding active postures for longer periods to stimulate and promote purification of the cardiovascular system, aiding in complete physical detoxification.

These sessions will be of great interest to all types of yoga practitioners.

Module 1: The opposing elements in practice and lifestyle and how to embrace the best of both worlds

Saturday November 29: morning 08:00-10:30, 

In this module Patrick will work on the dynamics of energetic opposing forces in the physical practice. Where it is a common misconception that Yoga is predominantly about stretching, Patrick will take the students through a group of common postures to take a look at how to use certain muscle groups in an active way in order to release tension in other areas. He will also emphasize on the importance of building the strength in the major joint complexes via bandha, concentration, and gentle breath.

This module will also include a talk about autonomy in practice and intention and the personalization of yoga philosophy in relation to contemporary lifestyle.

Module 2: The linking of action to action, and the beauty of conscious deep sleep relaxation

Sunday November 30: morning 08:00-10:30, 

This module will expand on aspects of the first module. The discussion topic will elaborate on the "modern yogi", and "potential for transformation through awareness".

The Asana will consist of a flowing hatha-kundalini vinyasa sequence with focus on the economy of utilizing correct breathing, and internal locks (bandha) to hold postures for longer periods. Physical practice will incorporate some of the first session posture work with balancing postures, inversions, and abdominal focus. The emphasis will be on observing the physical body throughout the practice, encouraging participants to realize the direct link with psychological processing and self-inquiry. The module will end with a yoga nidra relaxation.

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