Patrick Oancia & Satoko Horie: YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga: Level 1 Immersion (Nagoya)

November 1, 2014 - November 2, 2014
Tags : | anatomy and physiology | asana | Baseworks Practice | biomechanics | hatha yoga | lecture | Patrick Oancia | pranayama

7 hours per day with a 90 minute lunch break.

This “All Level” certified immersion will introduce the foundational concepts of “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga”. “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga” looks at yoga practice as a primary functional tool to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Participants will explore these concepts in an easy to understand way that can compliment all levels of yoga practice. This is open to total beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners as well as yoga teachers.

Level 1 Topics include:

  • Practical pranayama (breathing)
  • Detailed, alignment based asana (posture) practice
  • Developing and understanding the significance of the contraction and relaxation of opposing muscle groups to support the major joint complexes and their associated tendons, ligaments and cartilage.
  • Building core stability utilizing muscles that stabilize the spine, abdominal region and pelvis.
  • Enhancing a better understanding of bio-mechanics and functional movement in every day life.
  • Lectures on the interface between human anatomy & physiology, psychology and subtle energetics.
  • Introduction to the YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga 3.0 Intermediate series

Students who complete this immersion will receive a “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga Level 1 Practice Immersion” certificate of completion. This also counts toward Yoga Alliance continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance registered teachers and YJAT continuing education for all YogaJaya International Teacher Training graduates. The “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga level 1 immersion” will also include a practical introduction to the “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga Intermediate series Level 2 Immersion” content. “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga Intermediate Level 2 immersions” are a continuation option for all those who complete the “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga Level 1” immersion”. The “YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga Level 1 immersion” is also a prerequisite for the YogaJaya Baseworks Yoga Level 1 International Teacher Training. 

**Immersion open to all levels and backgrounds, including teachers, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Also recommended for those who regularly practice any modern hatha yoga traditions including Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Ishta, Sivananda, Anusara etc.**

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